Happy ending to my brothers missing dog

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jess_gal2009 Posts: 1061
Hi Girls, Posted this on Furry friends too but thought that good news stories should be shared around to another forum!!! My brother lives in the country and has an 11 year old female golden retriever. She's an absolute pet. She knows the area very well, and never really strays too far. Last weekend, she was missing and they walked the roads nearby looking for her but to no avail. They were all really upset, the kids especially, because she had never been missing overnight. There was no sign the following day and my sis in law went out again, searching in local ditches, in case she had been knocked down, and still no sign. Night #2 and no sign of the dog. He said he didn't sleep a wink worrying about her. He took the next day off work and was determined to go out and search the local fields and hopefully find her alive, or even if she had been killed, he wanted to find her and give her a proper send off, as she's a dearly loved family pet for the last 11 years. Anyway, off he went, in his wellies,rain gear and bag on his back with food, dog bowl, water and blanket hoping that he'd have a need for them, and out over the fields calling her name. He was out a couple of hours and he heard her bark when he called her name, and followed her answering barks to a 5 foot deep drain in a field. There she was, down in the drain with a broken leg . :o( There had been a frost the night before and with all the rain, she was absolutely freezing and shivering, but he said through it all she was mad licking his face and so happy to be found! He rang his wife to come and get them, and then He climbed down into the drain and managed to lift her up and push her out onto the edge of the field. He climbed out and wrapped her in the blanket and lifted her to the road where his wife picked them up in the car. Straight to the vet for an IV and get her leg sorted and heat her up. She spent the day there and they were able to collect her and bring her home that evening with a big cast on her leg. She's making good progress and is happy to be home!! I was bawling when they were telling me about it, I'm just soooo happy that she's ok!! :lvs
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Ah that's so lovely, glad she turned up and is on the mend!
janine10 Posts: 259
brillant thats what i like good stories with a happy ending very good, well done ur brother he must be well chuffed and so must the wee dog to be home lovely.x :wv
TracyBarlow Posts: 943
OMG im nearly bawling here reading it!!! :weep :weep Delighted it was a happy ending, the poor thing must have been so scared. Our cat went missing in Dubai for 15 days and we were worried sick too, we searched and search, she was eventually found 10kms away by two construction workers who got our number out of her ID barrell. We couldnt believe it, she had crossed a 6 line highway! :eek Still dont know how she wandered so far, she was heading in the direction of our old apartment, but she was an indoor cat so wouldnt have even known that area anyway, weird. Im a sucker for animals, so much so i now have a stray cat in my utility room, that i couldnt bear to see out in the cold and rain. Already have 2 cats who are not impressed with this newcomer, so its handbags at dawn whenever they see her! :duh: Im meant to be finding her a home.........yeah, like thats gonna happen. DD has already named her. :duh: edited to add my lost cat story!
janine10 Posts: 259
hey theres no harm in it lol, id have them all but wouldnt have enough room lol, so nice to hear a lovely story.x :lvs
hollacia Posts: 422
What a great ending. Delighted the dog was found :wv
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
awwwwwwww I was nearly bawling reading that story aswell :weep :weep :weep and thank god it had a happy ending :o)ll Fair play to your brother for going to such effort to find her,the poor thing must have been so sad/cold/frightened. I bet she is soooooo glad to be home now in the middle of her family again and getting lots of tlc. I love happy ending stories like this :lvs :lvs :lvs
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
great ending, so glad all worked out well in the end O:o)
barbar Posts: 305
What a lovely story! Fair play to your brother for continuing the search!! Get well soon to the dog! :lvs
Reesespieces Posts: 145
I am so happy to read this and that the dog is ok. Your brother is one great guy to have had such determination to find his dog.