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Jawl Posts: 8881
What a horrible day it is outside wind and rain, set to last for the day, and going to be dark by 5.30 too. But such a lovely Sunday! :o0 Taking it easy after a great night on the town last night. In bed with cuppa and x factor. then heading to my mammy's for a roast chicken dinner. And I'm not even getting dressed up. Velour tracksuit and Uggs for ultimate comfy-ness :o0 I can be a WAG with the best of em! ha ha. Then home to catch up on X Factor and the Sunday papers. Love it! I might even splash out and have a Hot Cheese Steak from Subway for my tea :o0 Feeding the hangover or what :o0
RinkyDinkSlink Posts: 730
Happy Sunday, and Hallowe'en! :o)ll Not so rainy here, but grey as hell! Having the ultimate lazy day, was going to clean the house but then decided fu(k it and am trawling through the internet looking at wedding stuff 'cos it's this day next year we're getting married so am super excited!!!! :o)ll Still in my pj's and his dressing gown, he's working today so have the house to myself, animals all out for the count (hopefully the fireworks won't start again tonight). Love the sound of a roast Mammy dinner, my Mam moved abroad this summer and even with Skype I do miss Mammy time, and Mammy hugs! :o(
Genegirl Posts: 2110
Oh we are having a lazy Sunday as well - only thing is i am driving home up North from Cork later this afternoon! Dreading it but we are going bridesmaid shopping tomorrow so cant wait for that. Just hate the thought of driving on my own, i get so bored!
Jawl Posts: 8881
Awww Rinky!! Here's a mammy hug :action32 And happy 'one year to go' day :o)ll I think when I get home later, h2b is going for a pint with his mate, so I'm gonna dig out the wedding file, and have a browse *) Have a lovely Sunday :heartbeat: