hard bump?

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my turn to tcc! Posts: 62
Just a quick question, when does your bump go hard? I'm 20 weeks today, normally a size 10 to 12 but I still don't look pregnant just that I've put weight on.
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Hi, I am nearly 16 weeks and the same size as you. dont look any different, just feel bloated. My friend is now 29 weeks and only started getting a bump at 26 weeks. She said it appeared literally overnight. Now she is still wearing her own jeans and just leaving the button open and then wearing baggier tops
goingmad Posts: 657
Don't worry about your tummy going hard like that, it's either the babs rolling it's little self into a ball or a Braxton Hicks it'll keep happening once it's started - And enjoy your little bumps, it won't be long until you can't see your feet anymore!!! :o0 :o0 :o0
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Yeah my bump has hard and soft bits, the hard bits are baby's bum, feet, shoulders etc. Braxton Hicks can cause the whole bump to feel hard sometimes but that wouldnt be constant either. I cant remember when exactly I started looking pregnant as opposed to someone who just likes cake but dont worry, it will happen.
married08 Posts: 226
I'm 27 weeks pregnant and was in my own size 10-12 jeans until 3 weeks ago, then I absolutely doubled in size over night. People had said to me that I would just wake one morning with a bump and i didn't believe them but they were right.