Has any one had Deuces Wild play at their wedding?

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march09bride Posts: 4
Has anyone ever heard Deuces Wild play? I'm seriously thinking of booking them for our wedding but haven't heard them!!
mrs aug 07 Posts: 817
I have heard them but not for a wedding. I wouldnt think they would be your typical wedding band at all. Make sure you hear them at a wedding before you book!
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
i have heard them play but not for a wedding they are very good but probably not your typical wedding band they are very good though
limklady Posts: 59
hello, I've heard deuces wild play at gigs and they are great ! They wouldn't usually be your typical wedding band, but they include a keyboard player for weddings and go by the name Black pearl. They can play all the old favs and also so good up to date songs too, I'm booking them myself :hyper:
mtv Posts: 935
we have them booked for our wedding for next july. go to see them before you book. they are rocky. they play in limerick-symths next to the icon nightclub. they also play in riordans. cork alot. they are pricey but im looking forward to them playing on the night.
CorkBK2008 Posts: 445
We were thinking of booking them but never got to see them. I have info from them on what they play etc if you want to PM me i can email it to you.
Slash Posts: 6
Hi Guys - has anyone seen deuces wild somtimes known as black pearl play at a wedding or can recommend them? Thanks