Has anyone a spreadsheet I could use?

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nervous&excited Posts: 150
Would like to keep track of payments, suppliers etc. Just wondering if anyone could email something? TIA
Tashab77 Posts: 129
Hi nervous&excited, if you want to PM me your email address I'll send you the spreadsheet I used!
nervous&excited Posts: 150
Thanks a million :)
Django16 Posts: 19
I have a brilliant one I can send also, PM me your email
nervous&excited Posts: 150
Thatd be great! Ive pmed you!
wifey2be2016 Posts: 52
would you mind sending me one too please!! I have yet to start one but I don't know where to start!! Thanks :)
E.Rose Posts: 188
Hi ladies, I'd love a copy of the spreadsheets you used too, if thats ok?! :o)ll
Niamh.86 Posts: 5
Hi, I would really appreciate a copy of this sheet. Getting confused with suppliers at this stage.Thanks a mil :eek :eek
frisco15 Posts: 13
Hi girls. I would love one of those spreadsheets if someone could send it my way before I rip my hair out. Thanks a mill ladies
Tashab77 Posts: 129
If ye wanna PM me your email address I can send mine, hopefully it helps!