Has anyone been to Paradise Collections in Loughgall?

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23leanne Posts: 761
Anyone been? Any opinions? staff, dresses etc
aislingnyc Posts: 47
Hi, Yes I was there this time last year- They have a great selection of bridal dresses and bridesmaids dresses. However the lady who I was dealing with me never once seemed any bit interested the whole time I was there- I seemed more of a burden than anything! I asked her for opinions on what styles would suit my body etc and she was of no help! But yes you should check it out for the amount of dresses they have *)
lalady Posts: 96
Totally agree, they have loads of dresses, but the lady with me had no interest either, she sat on a seat when i was trying on dresses and yawned the whole time >:o( she never commented on my dresses and when she was taking the off me left me for ages standing in my underwear until she got me another dress, which didnt help was there was a young girl that also works in shop standing with me - i was a little embarrased :-8 :-8 :-8 Buf def go to see their dresses they have loads !
cazzie5 Posts: 117
Hey! I have ordered my dress from here, my experience was totally different, brought my mum and chief bridesmaid and we first of all picked out about 3/4 dresses each for me to try on, got mum and CB to choose ones they thought would suit me! and so we had loads all lined up to try on and the lady was just lovely! Really attentive and giving advice and I wanted to try on a particular Maggie Sottero, she only had it in an 8 or 10 so she made me try on another style in her collection in my size first to get an idea of how the shape would actually be, and sure enough I ended up falling for that dress instead! She was very patient even though I tried that many dresses, and the veils and tiaras...and even picked out and let CB then try on bridesmaid dresses to see which style complimented it. I so far cannot fault the place and they do have lots of different designers and a really big collection of dresses in normal sizes for you to try, and the prices are reasonable. A word of warning is that on a saturday she has her daughters in to help and that isn't the best because they aren't really confident enough yet in what they're doing as I found out when I made a return visit with another bridesmaid. So I would recommend a week day appointment if you can get one and it suits. I went on a monday morning, maybe that made the difference...and ps the lady who runs it Sylvia is off on a tuesday too. Good luck! It's a bit tricky to get there so if you need further directions pm me and I'd be happy to help.
caitni2000 Posts: 434
Definitely worth a look. I live near and it was the first shop I went to. Was totally overwhelmed by the collection, although there was nothing in it for me at all, but a lot of people I know got their dress there and ravved about it. Supposed to be pretty reasonable. In the middle of nowhere in a converted shed, done as tastefully as possible and plenty of room, but just be warned!
23leanne Posts: 761
Yeah I liked a dress there but the girls in the shop didn't really do much for me. Like pulling teeth when talking to her. When asked her opinion she couldn't say. Also when I asked her to show me how the train would be put up for the evening she said they put the train on the undersiade of the dress which produces a big bustle at your backend! I said I didn't like it and she said that was the way that they did it. She did say I could ask the dressmaker to put it another way. I know some people obviously have this but I hated it. If I were to buy of them I would need reassurance that the dressmaker would put the button on outside and just attach the train the way I have seen in every other shop. Or would it be possible to just buy the dress and bring to another independent dressmaker. Like the dress but not entirely confident with the shop/staff
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deirdre75 Posts: 3
Just thought i would let people know about Paradise Collections. My wedding was in the summer and i went to this shop for my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. the shop has an excellent range of dresses and bridesmaids dresses but i have to say the lady who runs it - Sylvia comes across as very cold and not willing to go out of her way to help you but she was a little nicer after a few visits. I had a big problem with my dresses dress was absolutely fine but they totally messed up my bridesmaids dresses. I have not been back to the shop to tell them this as i discovered it the night before the wedding and it was too late and everything had been paid. One of my bridesmaids lived quite a distance away so was difficult to arrange fittings. One dress was a size 12 and the other a size 8 but they took in the wrong dress by mistake!!!!!!!!!! nearly a total disaster the night before, one dress looked to big and the other dress was way too tight, the seems were nearly ripping but as i only discovered this the night before the wedding there was nothing i could do. I was totally disappointed by this - if you go to this shop be very very careful that they alter the correct dress and collect them early to avoid disaster. My bridesmaid very very nearly didnt fit into her dress and there were lots of tears, my wedding could have been ruined because of someones carelessness.
pudlow Posts: 343
I bought my dress there also. I have found Sylvia to be very good, ordering me in a sample and dress and everything. I also met catherine and got on well with her. also met a young girl, her niece, i think, she wasn't that confident really but by the stage i met her i knew what i wanted so it was ok. I also bought my b'maid shoes off her and intend too get mine to. Massive selection of dresses, a lot of maggie sottero.
deirdre75 Posts: 3
It is definately a good shop but just be careful when you are getting your dresses altered that the right dress is altered etc, mistakes can happen and you need to double check everything when you collect your dresses. The dresses they have are fantastic and you will definately find something you like there and the prices are reasonable too
mrswifey08 Posts: 126
I got my dress and my bridesmaid dress in here. Few queries with it. O:| O:| Firstly when we ordered the bridesmaid dress we were told they were new 2008 stock so we ordered them. I was then notified a month or so later to say they were discontinued, if they were new stock they how would they be discontinued. >:o( We ended up ordering different ones.. I would strongly strongly recommend not getting your alterations done here. They made a mess of my dress which was only noticed on the day of the wedding after the mass so some photos show a but trailing at the front where should have been taken up, was a lot of detail on it and net and this was clearly visible, we had to take up before going into meal .. Also errors with the bridesmaids one was slightly too long, she was tripping and the other was shorter you could see her shoes, but she had pins still in the inside where it was taken in, again only noticed as they felt them sticking in to her in chapel etc.. I was so annoyed and really was so mad, O:| O:| I said it to her when I returned the hoop which was also too big and I couldn't wear it and she was just like “oh right, sorry to hear that” and could not get to the back of the shop quick enough. I just left as was leaving for honeymoon and knew the damage was done. :o( :o( So I’d advise [b:1z740h7b]do not get your alteration done here [/b:1z740h7b]at all P.s you need proof I can email you the pic of my dress :o0 :o0