Has anyone bought BM dresses from China online?

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Bejeweled Posts: 66
Just looking for website recommendations and what experience you have had with service and quality? Thanks in advance!
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
I bought mine off DHGate (american website but majority chinese) not sure which supplier as its like a marketplace but all the suppliers would have reviews (oops just remembered I never reviewed) but I just ordered one first to check quality. It was excellent quality. When I measured the girls, the dresses didn't match up but that could have our measurements either but it's nothing a dressmaker couldn't fix.
sugarcubes Posts: 157
i bought online from tidebuy and from dressing pod,.......total rip off! i waited ages for them to arrive when they did it was the same story with both,too long,wrong color,bad finish... refused to give refunds,currently fighting with paypal to get my money back (who are just as bad!).i ended up paying 400 euro per dress in the bridal shop because i was too close to the 16 week order deadline :weep but better off as i now know they will arrive in the proper order :)
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
Oh God I have a story to tell, and wished I had someone who could have advised me at the time, I remember when I decided to buy online I researched for ages on where to buy the dress, looked up reviews emailed past customers etc. the problem was the dresses I wanted only seemed to be on this one website so I spent ages trying to find out if they were reliable or not. I contacted them to ask for real samples of their dresses no problem they did this, the pictures were obviously samples of their best work so I felt somewhat at ease buying them, I sent the measurements of the girls and waited nervously for the next 2 months I went online to save money I wanted nice dresses for half the price, the dresses were very simple wedding dresses but I was getting them in a silvery grey colour they were retailing here in ireland for about the 900 mark, no way was i paying this for BM Dresses so I found them at 1stdresses.com for $247 each which was grand, when they arrived they charged customs on top of the dresses I think I paid another 120 for the 2 dresses, so each dress cost me €250 or there abouts, the goods were seized for about 2 days until I could organise the receipt as proof of how much they cost, was a bit of hassle but we got it sorted. Waited for the dresses to arrive to the door, was so excited opening them to find them wrapped in a black plastic bag, I opened it to find my 2 dresses rolled up in a ball. Again no problem as they would have to be steamed anyway, I rolled out the dresses and put them on hangers and I started to panic they were awful, cheap quality material used, poor stitching, seams missing, flower corsages in the wrong places, beading coming off. the dresses were slightly gathered to one side, but this was done very poorly. The back panel of one was sized incorrectly for the dress. I contacted the company to tell them of the problems, they told me I could ship them back at my own expense and they would fix them, shipping was another 80 euro which I felt would be a waste of time if the same workmanship came back to me. Basically I had to do so much work altering the dresses, now they came together in the end but my god I was so stressed about them was going to buy new dresses here in ireland because I was so disappointed with them. Its an experience I'd like to forget but at the same time I learnt a lot from. Seemingly there are some good suppliers on ebay and for a lot of people they are very happy with their purchases, but even these suppliers have the odd negative report, you just end up hoping that the one they mess up on isn't yours. I took the chance with my BM dresses but would never risk it with my own wedding dress, In hindsight I wish I didn't go down this route at all, but maybe I just came across the wrong website. If you do go down this route and I can totally understand why you would, I did it myself make sure that you get feedback on the company check their online presence, email past customers for honest feedback maybe ask would they email a picture of the dress they received, check the return policy some won't even entertain you if you dont complain within 2 days of signing for the goods. Again China gets so much bad press but at the same time all of the main designers get their dresses made here so there has to be good companies out there too its just impossible to find them among the 1000's of dress manufacturers out there. Good luck whatever you do!!
CB2012 Posts: 236
I've no experience of buying dresses online but I have seen my dress online for about 70% less than I paid which is a bit sickening.... However I feel a bit better after reading weddingdiva's post. Weddingdiva I'm sorry you had all that trouble but thanks for your post, its good to hear good and bad experiences of online shopping especially for such an important purchase.
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
girls theres loads of brides who have had good experiences buying from china, I dont want to put you off at all, that was just my experience, I just wish there was more info on good suppliers out there
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
I do think buying dresses is the same with anything you take the chance. I know so many people who have had disasters buying from etsy and eBay but also sometimes it's worth the risk (like my case) I got 4 dresses for €300. I wouldn't have been able to get the dresses I wanted for that price here but I only got one first just in case. I never spoke about customs and delivery in my first post. Delivery was very quick. I had them within 2 weeks. I didn't have to pay any customs on either package. So I was happy :o0
Nobigdress Posts: 452
I had a great experience with . Do a search for bridaldreamdress on the forum and you will find the thread I wrote in at the time. I have found them excellent and the dresses are beautiful tailoring and quality. ps. Be very careful of which company you use, I did a lot of research and also checked the online fraud alerts for each website of each company, its amazing how many had a red flag.
Rachel Fox Photography Posts: 343
It really depends where you shop, I bought my dress and 4 bridesmaid dresses online from an american wholesalers, dresses were fab quality, just like in stores, I paid around 120 per bm and 400ish for mine. Turned out when I had them altogether I wasnt happy, especially with mine, the dress was a little short for my liking even though I ordered extra length and Im not unusally tall just 5"8. I ended up buying another dress for 1600 from a bridal store and I order 4 bms from ebay to match the new theme, again the ebay dresses were fab, I made sure I ordered from an English supplier (did look for Irish) and I had dialogue with them beforehand to ensure all was above board so my experience was grand. Based on that a friend of mine decided to order hers online too, against my advice and that of others she decided to order from an ebay seller based in China, dress looked stunning all photo samples looked great. Then it came. Then it went, pretty much, much like the experience above, wrapped in a black bag, the white satin was so thin it was almost transparent, stitching uneven etc etc etc. Moral of this post, some have good experiences, some have bad, research your supplier, speak with them beforehand, research again and order in plenty of time so if you are not happy you have time to fix it! Also on another note, there are some great deals to be had out there in bridal shops too, shop around here also, I am firmly of the belief that if we can buy from Ireland then we should otherwise this recession isn't going anywhere. I have heard brides tell me great deals they got on dresses the cheapest I ever heard was €250 for a high quality traditional wedding dress from a Dublin store sale off the rail so remember if you look here you might still get what you want and avoid the stress of worrying. There is also the buy and sell forum here too. Good luck
Gaffey Productions Posts: 111
Hi there Wollies, I bought my BMs dresses overseas. I thought they were from the US but came then from China () The BMs got all measured and we ordered the dresses according to the measurements online. All was perfect, the price, the service - we all couldn't complain and all my girls just looked lovely. Just make sure you order in time, as they are handmade (sizes etc) it might take 6-8 weeks. I always add a good 2-3 weeks on top - just in case ;) :wv Hope you find this helpful :) Find us on facebook: