Has anyone bought their dress online??

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bellz09 Posts: 4
Hi girls Has anyone used or herad any reports about this american website www.modernbridalshop.com I have seen a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses here but am worried about ordering off the internet. Is this website safe and is there much of a customs charge>>> Thanks B
fergsfuturemrs Posts: 64
Hi Bellz09, I am also thinking of buying my bridesmaids dresses online and last week on this site modernbridals was recommended. I cant remember who recommended it but they may contact you when they read it. I am hoping to buy bari jay bm dresses from bestbridalprices.com if anyone also has any information on that site let me know, thanks! :thnk
JT Posts: 397
Hi girls, I bought my Jim Hjelm bridesmaid dresses online from www.gownsales.com. They were great - cheap, came about 5 weeks after I ordered them, they sent me a swatch of the material so I could show to others (including the lace and tulle overlays.) I'm in the North and only got stung for £50 for customs - they'd put a much lower value for the dresses on the front of the box so the Royal Mail calculated it lower than it should have been. I hadn't even asked them to do that! As for my wedding dress, I've ordered it off www.bestbridalprices.com. They told me at the outset that it would arrive in the US on the 10th of January (ordered start of October) so hopefully it's there today! They are then going to ship onwards to me and I've asked them to put a lower value on the front again which they said would be no bother. They also had a deal where you get a free veil and shoes. I'll let you know when I get them how they are! JT