Has anyone bought wedding dress online??

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gemstar Posts: 52
If so, where did you buy???? Seriously thinking of it but wanna hear from people who have already done this. Did you try the dress on in a shop here first or did you just measure yourself and then order it HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!
princessjade Posts: 94
Hiya Yea I got my dress online...and i did try it on in a shop first before i decided to try and bag a bargain i found the dress on ebay a bridal boutique was selling it brand new and i am in love with it...its a maggie sottero "michelle", I saved over 1000 euro from doing it this way so its definitly worth it!!
jumparound Posts: 181
i tried mine on in a shop and then ordered from netbride.com dress arrived perfectly in about 8 wks and saved me over a grand go for it but make sure you do a bit of research here on whichever supplier you go for
annie77 Posts: 484
Tried mine on in a shop here in my exact size so no problem getting fitted as I already knew the size. ordered from RK Bridal - brilliant service, got the dress after 2 months and saved a grand!! Highly recommend RK!
vickyplum Posts: 118
I defenintely recommend you try one on first, i ordered one off ebay and the pic looked gorgeous and the style i wanted, but the dress was nothin like the pic, I think they advertised a designer picture but just tried to copy the design and did a very bad job at it, thought it was savin me money but ended up costin me more.
effielou Posts: 100
I tried mine on in the shop, its by demetrios and ordered it online from lee philip bridals in boston. I also ordered all my bridesmaids dresses from them too, not recieved them yet, should do in about 4 weeks time. They came highly recommended to me from some girls off this website so they do deliver to Ireland, in fact the girl stacy told me that alotof her custom comes from word of mouth on this website. I saved ourselves well over $1,000 by doing so! I know a few friends who have order online from RK bridal here in NYC and say it was well worth it.
mama Posts: 126
Hey, I orded my Maggie Soterro dress from , it is perfect and came with a cert of authenticy. Tried it on a shop first then got my other half to measure me according to the website measuring guide, checked out what Maggie size I was (all dresses have dfferent size charts) this is also on the website, then called them up - just to double check size was ok. Came 6 weeks later, I absolutely adore it and saved a mint.
WinterGal Posts: 835
I also ordered from RK bridal. I tried it on here. Measured myself and picked a size from the size chart on their web site. Saved €1300, it's not due for a couple of months yet. But with so many people here ordering from RK, I felt confident with doing it.
tras Posts: 1460
Def worth it. Got mine from Rk. Perfect. And saved a fortune.
graceface Posts: 3632
I'd say you're kinda always chancing your arm on ebay, really, as you never know how honest the individual seller is going to be. You'd be better off going with reputable sites that have been used by people you know, preferably. There'll usually be someone on here who can vouch for a site you may have in mind, and if you can find a few people to vouch for it, then I'd say you're pretty safe!