Has Anyone Copied a Designer Dress and had it Custom Made?

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snowbride Posts: 38
Hey there, I'm loving some of the designer dresses out there but not the price tag! I've been in touch with some manufacturers in China and they're willing to copy the dress for me... for anywhere between 100 - 300 euro!!! (usual retail price is about 4,000 euro!!). I'm sure it's not going to be exactly the same but.... it's tempting!!! Has anyone done this, or bought a dress from China on Ebay?? Cheers!
marianf Posts: 5845
I haven't done it but if you can afford to lose €300 if its turns out to be crap then give it a go. However I cant see how they could replicate a dress for such a small amount of money. The material must not be of good quality. As any bridal dressmaker will tell you, the most expensive part is the material.
October_2007 Posts: 937
I'd be inclined to bring pictures of the designer dress you want to a good dress designer and get the dress made.
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
I asked the manufacturer of the dress I'm looking at if bestbridalprices.com are stockists & they said no, they'd use very cheap material & the work would be inferior, so I can't imagine a chineze made one would be very good. Also something folks don't consider is European shapes differ very greatly from Asian shapes, we have bigger hips, you may find that the hip area in the dress might be an issue
gotmyman Posts: 4
In my opinion you get what you pay for. It takes weeks to make a one off dress, and if you are getting your moneys worth, someone else on the other end is most definitely not. Maybe an 11 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!
moogy Posts: 31
Hi Snowbride I haven't ordered my dress yet but I was at a wedding last week and when the bride sat down with me during the reception I commented on her dress, not my style but very beautiful, alot of detail and very fitted, she said that as I was getting married soon she felt it her duty to let me in on her secret, she got her dress for 139 dollars from china! Now only for she told me I never would have guessed, it took a month to make and then was vacum packed and posted to her, she said for that money she thought it was worth the risk, she could always sell it for a hundred quid on ebay or something as a copy and recoup alot of the money. I'm seriously considering it as I would still have plenty of time to order it again if it wasn't right. Only for I had seen the quality of the dress I would never consider it but the dress was fab. I'm not recommening anyone as I wouldn't like to dash anyones dreams if there dresss came back wrong but I thought I;d give you a positive on the topic.
BallerinaBride09 Posts: 610
$139!!! Surely that is exploitation? I think you'll either get something that is not good quality, or some poor person is being paid pittance for a couple of weeks work. Sorry for being negative!!
wah Posts: 1414
or not even getting paid pittance, probably a bowl of rice!
snowbride Posts: 38
wow, they're pretty big jumps to conclusions!! Hope none of you negative repliers buy your clothes in Pennys/ Nike/ Adidas /Gap if you're so worried about child labour laws! Then again, did you know that lots of our retailers make massive profits from fairly paid workers from these countries too though? Thanks to everyone for their answers - think I'll give it a shot and see how it works out. :thnk
moogy Posts: 31
Best of luck snowbride keep us posted!