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MJR Posts: 387
Has anyone done their own Flowers am I mental??? I dont have the budget for €1000 for florist so I was thinking of doing my own I was going to go to the flower market the day before my wedding its in Smithfield and do them myself I just want really simple flowers Im having schwarzwalder lilies (purple Callas) thats all I want in my bouquet simple 4 bridesmaid with the white calla lillies with purple inside them Altar arrangement and two pedestals in Church 7 button holes thats it....
MrsAH Posts: 3715
Jezabelle on here did her own? She did post a thread about it last week if you go back a few pages.
mkb Posts: 1744
yep that was me :o0 if you would like some help with your flowers I'ed be more than happy to help you out for free. MJR if you are going the smithfield route your better off going in a month or so before hand, getting a few quotes and figureing out your timing for your flowers. you are always better off to order your flowers than to just arrive in the morning before the wedding, to save disappointment. the sellors in the market will tell you what day to order on and they are great for giving advice as to how many flowers you'll need and what tools etc. In terms of doing them yourself. you really need to be organised to do them. I was very stressed about mine not turning out right etc and I made sure the house was clear of people the whole day when i was working on them . I did my bms bouquets in very simular colours to what your using. I had white cala lillies and the deep purple tulips, roses , aspidistra all surrounded by a frame of hydranges. [img:3jvjrn2f]http://www.giveusagoophotos.com/Weddings/Marykate/mp100316180341/816626366_i7kv7-M-1.jpg[/img:3jvjrn2f] Calas can be tricky to work with at the best of times they need to well soaked before hand otherwise they will be very drooped in shape and it makes it hard to form the dome shape you going for with a bouqet. You need to practise before hand. Your going to need around 40 stems for your own bouqet, this might seem like alot but you need to be prepared for breakages. I presume its something like this your going for. [img:3jvjrn2f]http://www.bride.ca/wedding-ideas/images/Blog/Flowers/calla-lilies.jpg[/img:3jvjrn2f] your bms will need around 20 each for their bouquets. Also you need to take into account buying pins,wires, tape ,ribbon etc. A box of pins can cost 12.00 and when you only want 7 out it paying out that money for them is hard. If you like i can check out from the wholesale website how much all the flowers will cost? Let me know. I honestly would be more than delighted to help you for free, no strings attached.
workingmom Posts: 3429
I think it has the potential to be a major source of stress TBH. I did a wedding for a cousin recently, (I didn't do bouquets, as I didn't have time), I just did the church flowers, and they took a full day. When I got married, I did some of the church flowers and some for the reception, and I was up the walls, it took a full day too, and I was up to 90, felt like I never got a chance to relax and enjoy the day before the wedding. If doing them yourself, stick to something simple like hand-tied bouquets, and get simple flowers like roses that don't need much arranging, and practise them a few times to see if you can do them before you decide, also time the amount of time they take to do. HTH.
rayven12 Posts: 392
I'm doing my own flowers :) I know my wedding isn't till next year but CBM and I bought a couple of books on Amazon about flowers and flower arranging and between now and next year we're gonna give it a shot. Already told everyone that they're getting flowers for every occasion :o0
MJR Posts: 387
Hey everyone thanks a million for the advice.. Jezebelle did you do them the day before and did you also buy them the day before the wedding I rang a company in Smithfield today Duffy Joseph M & Sons Ltd he said the same to come in 3 weeks before hand, He said I could buy them on Thursday and arrange the bouquets just not to cut the stems till day before, Im getting married Saturday Im really worried about them wilting he said put a tiny bit of bleach in the water?? That purple calla bouquet is exactly what I want simple gorgeous, I might take you up on your offer its really really nice of you were are you based???
MJR Posts: 387
I forgot what is the whole sale website would you mind checking for me??? Thanks again :thnk :thnk
Kaycee Posts: 2107
Im thinking of doing my own table pieces although very nervous about it, going to buy a book on amazon before i commit to it. I want something very simple..flowers in a vase kind of thing. I was thinking of buying some vase off ikea (for nothing) and maybe covering them with some of material (lace or silk) and then doing some sort of arrangement. the website is anyone know if they're much better value than smithfield?
mkb Posts: 1744
mjr i pm'd you
mkb Posts: 1744
eeeek shoot ,MJR what date is your wedding. i completely forgot im going away for a week in Sept. either way i 'll help you out as much as i can but i would prefer to be able to go throught the whole lot with you than to leave it all to yourself. ifykwim. Oh and i bought the long lasting church flowers a week beforeI.e the lillies so they would be opened by the time. And i got my bouquet flowers the day before. I made up everything the day before . the church centerpieces I made in under 3 hours and that was with stopping for chats and breakfast and the bouquets took me 2 hours. have to popped down to my mothers now so If you want to call me do ( i pmd you my number) if not drop me a pm and I'll get back to with the costings for what your looking for in a while.