Has anyone eloped???

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chefmaid Posts: 2426
Has anyone just eloped and what sort of reaction did you get.. We are so thinking of doing it.Neither of us what a big wedding and even a small one is turing into a drama... O:| Any advise would be great..[b:3j9td96f][/b:3j9td96f]
fantac Posts: 4109
not yet, but have been very tempted!
laura1982 Posts: 174
Im forever thinkin of doin it and havin a party when i get back. i no tho that the party i throw when i come back would turn into a bloody wedding and defeat the whole purpose!!!!!!
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv My mam's Friend's son did this, they went to Rome and took the plunge. both never told a soul.. Both Parents, Siblings and Friengs were totally gutted.. They were more dissapionted than anything.. They were saying if they knew it wouldn't have been so bad.. But it really hurt the Parents.. I would be devastated if my son done this TBH..
Ginger Rogers Posts: 442
I would defo advise it if you feel it's what you really want. There is always a lot of things about your own wedding that will be forced into, no matter how defiant you are in the beginning, and while it is an absolutely fantastic, amazing day that you will most certainly never forget, there is a lot of stress to get there, and it can bring out the worst in some people, and it will always be the people you least expected it from!! Go with what feels right, and don't listen to anyone else ok :lvs The best of luck with whatever you decide :thnk O-O O-O
Shannoncailin Posts: 1038
I really, really wanted to do that!! Way before I was engaged my mam and I were discussing weddings and I mentioned how I would like to just go away, do it, come back and go ta-da! She didn't like this at all she said she would really hate to miss out! We have compromised and are having family only in Rome!!!
wooby Posts: 685
my cousin was working abroad & got married in a registry office on her birthday and rang home to tell all..her parents were gutted especially her dad as she was Daddy's girl and they ended up coming home and having a blessing in a church and a reception afterwards to suit her parents. she dreaded the thoughts so did her foreign husband and it turned out, to be the best day of their lives which she says so often...
chefmaid Posts: 2426
Thanks for the advise. I know my mam& dad would be gutted if they were not there. The whole idea of a "big day" is just not for me or him at all.. Might just have to bite the bullet and tell people what we want and throw a party when we get back :action34