has anyone gone Maternity/baby shopping in USA?

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ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
I was just wondering if anyone has done any of their maternity or baby shopping in the states? I'm heading out to visit family for Christmas and thought I might get started on a few bits and pieces so I'm looking for recommendations.
CaliMom Posts: 670
One of my fav places for maternity wear was Pea in the Pod... they have lovely stuff... the great thing is they have both good value items (in the Motherhood line) and more expensive items (like stuff from Heidi Klum)... so you can treat yourself to something nice as well... which state will you be visiting?
dhidra Posts: 3147
I was in New York at about 5 months pregnant. I got a some maternity clothes in a Pea in the Pod, and some in a shop in Jersey Gardens (can't remember the name). A brand I really liked was Mimi maternity. I bought a sling in Babies R Us, and afterwards I regretted not buying a changing bag while I was there too; they were very cheap.
the fortress Posts: 341
Would also recommend the 'Pea in the Pod' shop. They are nationwide as far as I know. I went to the one in Macy's in NY when I was about 8 weeks and picked up a great dress for weddings and a really nice pair of jeans and a couple of tops and it was all fairly reasonable. Didn't venture anywhere else though as I was so early in my pregnancy. I'm sure you'd get loads though. Enjoy!
funnymummy Posts: 329
if your looking to but a few bits and pieces of baby clothes...carters is a must..they do fab littke layette range of neutral colours or blue and pink if you know the sex.the quality is just fantastic.ive gotten friends to get me stuff and i still have vests and that from my ds who is 4 and ive washed and aired them and they are as good as new..check it out..
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
Thanks. I'll definitely look into the pea in pod stores as they are not one I had heard about before. We'll be based close to Boston. Thanks
CaliMom Posts: 670
I second the suggestion to visit a Carter's store... the baby stuff there is great quality and there are huge sales on atm... you'll want to buy the whole store =) also, Target stocks a slightly more affordable line called "Just One You" which is actually made by Carter's so you have the high quality baby clothes at a smaller price... Boston is one of my fav cities... you'll meet so many Irish there... enjoy!
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
lol Calimum, I'm such a bad irish person, the last thing I want to do in the USA is spend my time meeting Irish people and going to Irish pubs. I see them every day when I'm in ireland :-) I'm actually going out to visit my mum so I know Boston quite well it's just that maternity stuff has never been of interest before and I've never paid any attention.
CaliMom Posts: 670
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf, I know what you mean! Lovely that you get over to see your mom... I also have family there so I know the area quite well too... Boston is a beautiful city in the Fall... also, you'll get great deals on purchases in the run up to Thanksgiving... enjoy every minute...
mightymammy Posts: 52
I'm off to the states soon and I am wanting to get some baby bits, clothes for DD and some maternity clothes me while we are there as i have heard it is cheaper any advice on american sizing?