Has anyone not had a first dance???

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Gormo Posts: 23
Has anyone got suggestions for how not to have to do a first dance?? I know it's a bit odd but neither of us want to have a "first dance" and we are trying to think of ways around it (apart from hiding in the toilet!!!). All suggestions welcome
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I was at a party for a couple who got married abroad and they didn't want a first dance either but ended up having one on the night because people wouldn't get up and dance to the music that was being played, because the bride and groom had not taken to the floor. I would say to talk it over with whoever is doing your music, have a tune on standby and see how it goes. Either that and just have one but tell the band to invite everyone to dance with you and it might not be so cringey for you.
06bridenov Posts: 145
We did'nt have a first dance... We both hated the thoughts of it so we told the band to just start the music - We also did want the band playing some horrible cover song.....We were'nt actually in the room when the band started because my dress got ripped and I was getting it stitched up in the room...When we came down everyone was up dancing... My bridesmaids got everyone out dancing so it was fine... Later on in the night we had the dj play 2 songs that we really liked and we danced to that... The thoughts of a first dance makes me shiver.. yuk.... cringe...
red rose Posts: 57
Hiya Gormo, it kinda depends on your wedding party what they will expect. But if you tell your BM and GM that there will not be an openings dance, and to just hit the dance floor when the music starts, I am sure everyone will be dancing in no time. And otherwise, choose a song that you both like dancing to, so that you and the BM/ GM can start the party together. I'm not really looking forward of having to spend minutes alone on the dance floor either, so I'll just get the people close to the floor to join in. On the other hand, it will be one of the few moments probably we will be actually together to catch up with each other on the day :o0 You'll be fine, just inform everyone on what you want! :wv
frecklz Posts: 1839
Why don't you start off on your own and arrange for the band to invite people up after a while? Or tell the bridal party beforehand to start getting up after a min or two? People will want to see you dance on your own, and this way minimises embarrassment...
hick Posts: 858
agree with freklz just get the whole bridal party to start with you, pick any song and just tell them to play something upbeat, that should do the trick, that's pretty much our plan
Gormo Posts: 23
Thanks for all of the advice. The thoughts of having o do a first dance make me sick!! I'm just afraid that if we don't dance then no one else will either. The idea of an upbeat song and getting the BM and GM to join us is probably our best option!! It is probably the thing thatis worring me the most (I know thats a bit pathetic). We even cut the prayer of newly weds out of our mass because I just couldn't do it!! Maybe I will hide in the toilet!!! Thanks again
Swirly. Posts: 66
I say do your own thing Gormo ... your day, your way etc. I hear what other peolple are saying about people's reluctance to take to the floor ... how about asking the DJ to invite the children to the dance floor for the first dance ... surely they wouldn't hold back due to reverance to the first dance tradition.
Gormo Posts: 23
That would be a great suggestion only there will only be one child there, the H2B's nephew (he's 3). Maybe i could get him to do a solo dance and launch his dancing career! :yelrotflmaosmilie: I just couldn't make it simple! Maybe we could hire in a bus load of kids from somewhere :compress
al4 Posts: 161
So good to hear someone else doesn't want to do the first dance thing1 Just have to get fiancee to agree now! oh dear...