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lovin motherin Posts: 175
Hi Ladies, I had a long a pretty bad labour last time that ended in an emergency section. I am now just over 6 weeks pregnant and i am thinking about having an elective c section. Any thoughts on this, all advice welcome (good or bad).
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Hi lovinmotherin, i can't speak for myself but my friend is having a elective section for her second baby due this summer. On her first she was in labour for over 30 hours, had an emergency section, the baby was in distress and had to be in a incubator for over a week. It was horrendous so she has chosen an elective section this time and is feeling great about her decision.
upyaboyaa Posts: 819
Hi hon first of all congrats on ur bfp. I have no advice really but would be interested to here what other wollies have to say. Like u I had a horrible labour failed induction and after 3 days ended in an emergency section. I really want to elect for a c-section this time round as there is no way I want to go through the same thing again. I have my first appointment with my consultant on may 23rd so ill let u know what he says. It might also be of help to post this in mums&kids too.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i had emergency section with DS and a telling cons that i want a section this time. i think he will agree. i have narrow hips... so might be my only option anyhow
spanish mum Posts: 2468
i had planned section with DS as he was breech. This time round i am still not decided, but having been told DD is 5lb 3oz already at 32 week appt, i may decide to opt for another. will see what i'm told at 37 week appt. I agree, i would put this in mums and kids section too, and am also interested in replies.
fifteensept Posts: 565
upyaboyaa...I am exactly like you had a failed induction x 3 and ended up in ES with a very distressed baby with a very low HB...I dont know if I can put this LO through that again...I have my first scan with gynae on 23rd May and going to discuss this with her again...but correct if Im wrong you cannot be inducted after a CS.....its either natural or have section. My friend had an elective CS and she had no regrets whatsoever to be honest I know there are disadvantages but there are alot of pros too....some people wouldnt agree with this at all and think natural is the best way
poppylops Posts: 1363
I had an elective c section last week as DD was breech. It was very relaxed and over in minutes. Im sore after but i think next time I would prob have another one. I knew the date I was going to have her and was able to plan everything and DH was able to get time off work. Ive never had a natural birth so cant really compare but elective section was fine in my opinion. :lvs
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
I think it would depend on the care u opt for on your second baby, wether u have a choice or not. I had very distressing emergancy section on first baby and asked for section on second but was told the same problems might not occur again and i would have to attempt labour for at least 4 hours before a decion would be made. It is true you can not be induced if you have had a section. After my 4 hour wait i was given a second section but the whole process was very calm as everyone knew my history and were ready for the section with a theatre on standby. And i was public in holles street. Ill be going in in 2 weeks for my 3rd and final baby. Planned section this time as once you have had 2 sections you are never allowed to attemp labour in the future. I do know a couple of ladies that had emergancy sections on first baby but went on to have normal natural labours afterwards that they were very happy with. I hope this helps x
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Think it depends on the hospital. I want a VBAC this time (hopefully shorter recovery time and hospital stay as don't want to be away from DS for long) but was offered an elective section if I want it (I'm public at CUMH). DS was breech but my waters went so would have been classed as an emergency section even though it had the calmness and lack of urgency of an elective.
lovin motherin Posts: 175
Thanks everyone for their replies. I think I just need to wait until my hospital app or my next gp app and talk to them but I am definitly leaning towards a section!!