Has anyone read Dr. Boylan's new book?

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bride0807 Posts: 203
if so is it worth buying???
BikerBride Posts: 208
Hi Bride0807, I bought it yesterday in Eason's for €16.99. I've also got 'What to Expect When you are expecting' which actually scared the crap out of me. I found it to be a very negative book. My DH wanted to throw it into the rubbish at one point because he thought it doesn't give the positive options to any symptoms you might be experiencing. So when I brought home Dr Boylans book yesterday DH was very scepticle about reading it. But I have to say its a really good book. Very reassuring and outs your mind at ease. DH loved the chapter for Fathers. He was laughing out load at some parts. Its a very down to earth book and because its writing for Moms to be in Ireland its very relevant information. The only thing it doesn't have is a lot of info about the changes in pregnancy week to week. So if you're looking for photo's and stuff of the difference stages of pregnancy then you should buy another book that does. But also buy this book for everything else to do with labour, post natel, any worries or symptoms etc. :wv
bride0807 Posts: 203
Thanks Bikerbride i think i will get it. I have what to expect so i dont need another book that geos through the stages that way.... just some nice friendly reassurance in a book would be nice!!!
Emomc Posts: 2069
Think I will buy this too. I have'nt bought a book so far, picked up What to expect in the early days but it had so much info it put me off. I get any development info I need from eumum or this site!
ellee Posts: 666
I bought those exact two books as well. What to Expect is complete rubbish and as the other poster said, quite frightening. The list of things you're not to do is endless. The other book is much simpler and reassuring. Found it much better and would be glad to recommend it *) I also got pregnancy for dummies from the local library and that too is vg AND entertaining! And while you're at it DON'T buy "Life After Birth". Awful as well. ( I read a lot! :o0 )
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
bought both of those two... not a huge fan of what to expect. Boylans is nicer, but again not v. detailed. Still on the hunt for the perfect book...someone had recommended Miriam Stoppard but when I went looking on amazon she had about 20 so need to get myself to the book shop to sort that one out!
mia mya Posts: 285
Well ladies I bought what to expect, Dr. Boylan's book and the pregnancy bible and I have to say I love Dr. Boylan's book as it's very reassuring but as a previous poster said, it's not very detailed on the week to week side of the pregnancy. The pregnancy bible is fantastic for reading about the baby each week and also for reading up on your body changes week by week... So the moral of the story is if you're to buy a book I would recommend Dr. Boylan's one AND the pregnancy bible. I wouldn't bother with what to expect...
kala Posts: 1937
girls i had that book what to expect when expecting. have to agree with the other comments, it scared the life out of me. no wonder i was a bag of nerves for the whole pregnancy. it even gives added info that you don't need and it put me at my wits end. please God if we do get a bfp in the coming months i'll be bining it or bining it either way.
Mama2 Posts: 1230
I don't have Dr. Boylans book but just wanted to comment on What to Expect. I think it's very medical in tone which isn't exactly what you need until you're worried about something. I have a horrible flu at the moment and What to expect actually reassured me. I still won't be telling my friends to rush out and buy it though.
X-mas07 Bride Posts: 60
Hi BikerBride, Just wondering what the full name for the book is, as i searched the easons website, from the title that was in the indo article, and came up with nothing. I had a look on amazon, and what i could get was second hand, which is fine, but published in 2005. Is there a newer one out?? Thanks