Has anyone seen a tea-length dress like this please???

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babychic Posts: 27
Hi all My bridesmaids would like to get a cocktail type dress as their bridesmaid dresses. Nothing like the traditional breidesmaid dress! They want it: tea-length, in a flowy material (nothing rigid), a-line, not strapless, preferably something with a fitted top. The last request is that it is in a strong colour (not pastel) like red, turquoise, jade etc. The following link is the closest thing I can find to it on the net but the girls want to try it on before they buy it so we cant order it online. ... ted_wi.htm have no problem travelling if they could find what theyre looking for. many thanks
Miss_M Posts: 877
How many BMs are u having? God you've your hands full with them! Is it not - what u want them to wear? Haven't seen those dresses and I've seen a LOT at this stage!! I remember looking for a Lazaro wedding dress and there were no stockists in Ireland, New York I'd say. Would they travel there? Have u looked at Jim Hjelm - they have a HUGE range. Dessy is popular too. Or Coast - they have a few flowy dresses but the colours are pastel. Best of luck with your hunt!
babychic Posts: 27
Thanks for that. theres two bridesmaids.. Will check out Jim Hjelm, havent heard of him before. The girls dont want to go down the Coast route incase someone else turns up in the same dress. Have been on the Dessy website alright. if anyone is looking for Lazaro dresses, check out the Lazaro website fort list of stores. They have a good few stores in Ireland. I think the closest store that has their full range is in the UK though. Ps meant we were willng to travel anywhere in Ireland but couldnt justify going much further than that!
I\'mMrsNow Posts: 86
Try Deesy or alfred angelo. You can get them in every colour. Check out the links below. ... &sharpen=1 ... &sharpen=1
montagne Posts: 1849
Have you tried Oasis and River Island? The latter have something similar.
Boulevard Posts: 995 They have got some fab stuff, find a stockist near you to try them on etc, and then order it for half the price from! They have a big range of colours too xx
montagne Posts: 1849
How about next? or warehouse? ... earch=true
polecat Posts: 345
Not sure if this helps but I ordered my lazaro dresses through and was able to change the material I wanted them in and the colour to different to what was on their website. I took the girls to a shop over here and got them to try on the dresses before ordering them - maybe try contacting lazaro to see whether any shops in Ireland have this sample - they were great help with this.
bangel Posts: 2285
Want to get the same type for my bm's. I've been looking online at Alfred Angelo. ... D0411741F2 Want mine kind of like this: [img:1pddky66][/img:1pddky66] or this: [img:1pddky66][/img:1pddky66]
I\'mMrsNow Posts: 86
Becklange, the second dress is wat my bridesmaids are wearing. They are really nice and summery.