Has anyone seen glittergal?

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Ebby Posts: 3042
Haven't heard from her since those two posts where she was a bit down. Hope she's okay O:o)
NotHere Posts: 10273
Glittergal....if you read this :action32 :xxx :action32
Ebby Posts: 3042
And from me :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32 :action32
Glittergal Posts: 1504
Hey guys thanks for thinking of me. I am fine never been better. Wedding is cancelled and I have moved out of the house. I am living back home now commuting up and down every day madness I know but sure thats life. I will look for another job down home after the summer once I get myself sorted down there with a place. Anyhow I am seeing someone now and its brilliant. The right feeling is there this time. We are taking things very slowly and thats perfect for me at the mo. Have to say got invited to a few weddings but cant really face them yet feels too wierd if you know what I mean. Once I get past July I'll be grand. Hope everyone is keeping well around here and hope I havent missed anything exciting. Take care and best wishes to all who are getting wed soon *)
NotHere Posts: 10273
Hi :wv You sound really at peace with things Glittergal, fair play to ya. Best of luck for the future hun, and hope the new relationship brings ou lots of happiness :xxx
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
Big hugs glitter girl, you have been missed sounds like you are doing ok! remember your friends at WOL should you ever need us! best of luck with the future db
Ceana Posts: 1387
Hi Glittergal Sorry could'nt not reply to this post after reading - Sorry to hear about your previous relationship/wedding etc - You seem on top of things now. I just want to wish you all the best for the furture & I hope everything works out for ya xxx