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jewellb Posts: 2389
the woman that did our anti-natal class doreen buckley said she has yet to be fail at getting a baby to sleep through the night she said she's the only qualified sleep expert and trained in new zealand or london or somewhere, also she recommends swaddling with one arm out, dont know if you lo would like this but would be able to put doddie back in. i cant rem her website but if you google her name you'll find her she did a series on RTE and id say she's reasonable enough, she told any of us that went to her class to call her anytime if we need help or advise.
cherrybowl Posts: 4
I used Edel Gargan and I can't speak highly enough of her. My wee girl (at the time, 9 months old and bf) was waking 3 or 4 times a night and needed to be cuddled or fed back to sleep. I was a bit demented with the tiredness... Edel did a personalised plan for us and we started dd on a much more consistent routine. But most importantly, she gave us tools to use when dd woke at night. I've read The No Cry Sleep Solution and Edel's solution was v v similar to this (its not cry-it-out, but you put baby into the cot awake and lift her every time she cries and then put her down again when she settles but is still awake). Within 3 nights, dd was sleeping 7:30-7:30 and has done so ever since (she's now 19 mths and I've just given birth to her wee brother. Wouldn't have been able for a second if we hadn't fixed dd's sleep!!!) . It's such a big deal and I completely empathise with any poor mamma who's getting broken sleep (am back to 3 hour wakings with the newbie!! But at 3 weeks old, that's to be expected!) From my experience, Edel was just brilliant: so supportive and kind. Definitely worth the 250 quid. Good luck!
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
thanks a mill girls. am in the middle of a crazy few weeks at work so just doing anything for sleep at the moment to get through but will tackle it when things calm down. she's beginning to go for naps without being swaddled (although she only sleeps for 30 mins then) so will see where we are when the time comes. part of me feels that all an expert can do is give me a routine and tell me to do controlled crying or pick up/put down and really i can just do that myself without paying for the privilege! anyway, am earning good money these few weeks so may just treat myself to someone to help us all sleep!
SGirl Posts: 2542
I didn't use one but in hindsight I should have with DS number 1 as we didn't sleep for 2 years and honest to God, if I could go back it would have been so worth the money. I went to work sleep deprived and went through pregancy number 2 sleep deprived and there was no need for it. I did controlled crying on baby number 2 and life is so much easier and he is all the more happy for it, it is far easier now to mind him as he is happier and Mammy is happier. I say go for it. Wish I had have had the sense to do it!
leavesfall Posts: 19
I've used to listen to online hypnosis when I had troubles with insomnia. It was this great podcast [url:eg9c3e06][/url:eg9c3e06]. And then when I have got the baby I started to tell all the stories I've heard in podcasts. I turned the smooth music on and repeated the sessions. You may try as well
RachelIce Posts: 1
Sleep problems might be caused by day crying or baby's bad mood and it's okay. The right thing to do calm down and make baby sleepy. Some parents are giving their child a tablet or phone in order to have some rest while the bay is busy playing with the screen. That's not really a good method because the addiction is forming and you won't be able to take it back and it all leads to additional stress. I also read that essential oils' smell is having a relaxing effect. Try adding a few drops while taking a bath. Here are my favorite [url=]Essential Oils[/url:3053np1b]
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