has hubby felt any kicks yet??

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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hiya all I was just wondering if any of the hubbys have felt the kicks yet - I have definite movement and it feels like kicks but feels more inside me than at my stomach IYKWIM, the odd time i get it on my tummy and when i put my hand there to catch the next one i think he/she falls asleep on me!!!Have to say my little babs is a good aim as hits me right on the bladder on a regular basis!! leaves me running for the loo :eek :eek :o0 I am 25 weeks gone and really want hubby to feel it - also they say if you put hubbys ear to stomach in right position he may hear the heart beating!? Is this right!!?
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi Mrs Maternal, DH is really enjoying the movements now. Am at the stage where you can just watch the bump move of it's own accord. Told DH that it's not just the little flutter it used to be, now it's a real thump. Anyway last night he got to feel a real whack and was well impressed with his footie star :o0 :o0 Mrs Maternal just get your DH to be a bit patient, normally I used to breathe in and hold my breath for a few seconds and then babs kicked - maybe you could try that. Good luck and enjoy !
Christmas B Posts: 6191
DH has felt two big kicks so far!!! He couldn't believe it!!! For me it felt like POW but for him he described it as a little push from my belly to his hand!! BTW, he seems to be able to feel movement better with his fingers on my belly rather than the palm of his hand!! I was watching my belly last night and I actually saw the skin move for the first time when the lil one kicked!! So cute!! :lvs
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
After posting this yesterday was lying on couch last night and felt a few movements on my stomach myself - hubby wasnt there but at least i know it will only be a matter of days before he is there and can feel them too - did any of your DH put their ear to your tummy to hear the heartbeat?