Hashimoto thyroid and ttc

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BlueP Posts: 238
Ttc number 3 with recently diagnosed hashimoto thyroid. Anyone with any experience of it ttc or being pregnant?
wardrobe Posts: 268
Bluep hope ur doing ok after it diagnosis. .I don't have hashimoto. .yet....but am struggling with an under active thyroid....had a miscarriage give weeks ago and trying to sort out myself before I try again ...have you seen an endocrinologist. ..I saw one Monday said it's very important to consult with them if you get pregnant as they need to check it levels straight away ...sorry I'm not much help just wanted day I'm sort of in same boat
BlueP Posts: 238
Wardrobe thanks for reply. My endo consultant would prefer me to wait until my tpo levels are 300 but they will never come down that low. They are 950 now. I have monitored them for years before they confirmed what it was and time is not on my side to wait years. He initially said it didnt matter but I pushed him to say this year or next then he said that sbout tpo levels so hard to know. I will be well monitored so am going to try. Am I nuts?
wardrobe Posts: 268
Hey blue ...ur not mad at all hun I know what it's like to be longing for a baby and time is not on ur side. own health has suffered too the last few weeks and months especially since the miscarriage. .my advice is make sure you are physically ready to try get ur levels as low as you can so that you and ur baby are safe
Bud14 Posts: 19
Hi ladies ... sorry for jumping in but I'm interested in thyroid issues & mc. I've just had my 4th mc, but I do have one child who's almost 3. Both my husband & me are fit & heathy so it's all v frustrating. A friend has mentioned getting my thyroid function checked. I would say I've no symptoms of thyroid issues so I'm interested to hear what yours are??