Hate being pregnant

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Autumnbrown Posts: 17
Having a mentally bad time with this. Having the most awful thoughts. Never wanted kids. Want an Abortion but husband wouldn’t forgive me. Hoping the maternal instinct/switch kicks in real soon. Spoke to psychologist. Not getting better. I really didn’t want a male consultant but I have. Scan next wk. Most likely high risk. I don’t want to tell anyone. I wish I could like it even a little. It’s physically making my skin crawl. I don’t know how to make this better.
juliafarnandas Posts: 1
Notwithstanding the physical changes to persevere, there is a wide range of reasons why pregnancy could be a horrendous ordeal for somebody. For Terri, it was the spontaneous counsel she got, and in addition the tenacious spotlight. "I loathed being the focal point of consideration," she said. "I abhorred being guided. I didn't care for looking at being pregnant like other ladies did. Being pregnant wasn't the focal point of my life. Indeed, I was upbeat to be pregnant and couldn't hold up to hold my tyke, however, I didn't care for being characterized as a 'pregnant lady.'" see more info or visit this site.
Ross V. Marshall Posts: 2
I think ..maybe you should talk more with your husband? He must understand what pains and hardness you're having now, although you don't wanna kids but I really wish he can help you to release and relax. O:o)