hate the irrational,hormonal tears

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
have been feeling quite down this week. DH has been working really hard the last two weeks and been getting home late and it'll be the same for the next two weeks and then has all this sport training for the next 3 weekends for a tournament coming up soon meaning i'm hardly seeing him. plus we've been invited to two parties this weekend that i don't want to go to becuase i'm so bloody scared of this swine flu and know that a couple of people going to one of the parties is just back from holidays and i don't really know anyone at the next one. so i've been saying to dh in a roundabout way that i don't want to go mainly cuz i'd like to spend some time with him but he thinks its rude not to go after being invited to both and then i just burst into tears while emailing him saying that i also didn't want to go cuz of the swine flu thing. i know we can't put our lives on hold becuase of it but i also don't want to put myself and our baby in situations that might have it. so now i'm crying and annoyed with myself for crying so can't stop!
Nadie Posts: 1111
Oh Baby, you poor divil. To be honest, I'd be down too if I was going to see so little of the husband. I got the tears really badly the other day, I find the only thing you can do is give in and cry until you're finished. Then eat you favourite chocolate bar. I hope you feel better soon, min yourself.
red_rubies Posts: 2424
Aw, it's totally normal to feel like that hon. I found that since becoming pregnant, I want to spend as much time with DH as possible. I was never a clingy person, we always did our own thing to a point but now if I have the choice, I will prefer to stay in with DH. As for the irrational tears, they're awful. You know it's silly to be crying but you just can't stop! I was making beef stew yesterday (DH was working nights & he takes dinner with him) Anyway, had it on for hours so beef would be lovely & tender & for the last half hour, I was upstairs talking to DH & it burnt in the pot. Well, the tears!! I bawled my eyes out. DH kept saying it wasn't a big deal, it's only a bit of meat etc, but I was so upset!! Kind of funny now! Swine Flu aside, it's hard to be going out to parties etc when you're pregnant. I find I can't get comfortable, can't stand for any amount of time & I get sooo hot all the time. Have your cry & just talk to your DH again. If you are really concerned about the Swine Flu, then don't go, your baby is your priority now & sure once babs arrives you can get back to normal (well, as much as possible) Whatever you do, don't allow yourself to be forced into doing something you don't want to do & cry all you want - I always feel better after it! :xxx
sunshine. Posts: 1387
Baby i totally know how you feel...................... I am so excited about the baby but i am getting so upset alot of the time for no reason..... Was just onto my mam and when she asked me how i was i just burst out crying.... I feel i am wrecking my DH head because im like an emotional wreck at times but he is so supportive and understanding its great.......... Part of me is worried if im like this when the baby comes but i keep telling myself its those flipping hormones................. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Think you should just tell your husband why you dont want to go to the party cause i do think its a valid reason to be honest...... :) :) :)
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
thanks girls . still crying! hate this!! i told DH both reasons - seeing him and also the swine flu and said i just feel so responsible for this baby that i terrifies me that if something happened it would be my fault for putting us in that situation. he said of course we didn't have to go and he understands but i think i just don't believe him and that he thinks i'm just a mental pregnant woman who's overreacting even though he's SO good and understanding i guess i'm thinking he's thinking that cuz deep down thats what i think i am!!!!
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Ah, you poor thing –Baby- Your dh sounds like a lovely, supportive man. He knows you’re not mental, you’re just pregnant & being pregnant makes us all slightly mental at times! We’re perfectly entitled to be!! Cry away & don’t worry what your dh thinks. He sounds like a fairly reasonable man that knows pregnancy brings a lot of hormones which drive us women a bit insane! On the other hand, you could be like me who hasnt shed a tear yet & feels like a cold hearted b*tch who has absolutley no feelings (or hormones for that matter!!)
sunshine. Posts: 1387
baby im like your sister over here....... Try not to worry about your baby because they are soooooooooooooo happy out.... I just think that our bodies are going through a huge change and those hormones are playing havoc...... We need to keep telling ourselves this and that we are not going mental......... Cry all you need to and its great that your dh is so supportive and understanding..... Im lucky like you as well and it makes such a difference when you can just pick up the phone and talk about it... Dont think that your cracking up and as the last poster said we are all so different because some of us (Im in this group) are crying buckets and others dont shed a tear.... Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
petunia Posts: 1626
let it all out, girl. It helps. :action32 I totally understand how you feel about hubby working alot. Could you maybe plan a little break away together, even a day out somewhere? Being able to look forward to some quality time would give you a real boost. As for the parties, IMO if you're going to be worried the whole time, its not worth the hassle.