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Duffers Posts: 1841
that Im gonna go early this time round! Braxton Hicks seem different, alot more intense and feel like things may dislodge "down there" pretty soon. (hope not, still another 10 weeks to go!) DS arrived quite promptly. Getting alot of pressure low down and yesterday had pains in my hips very similar to when in labour with DS! :eek Also think we're having a girl. Anybody else want to share their predictions?
Daff Posts: 11644
I think I'll go early too, not a lot but definately thinking I'll be gone at the start of that week as opposed to the end of it. I'm the same as you. Braxton hicks are horrendous this time. Like labour sometimes :weep also feel like I'm 38/39 weeks pregnant. So much pressure etc down there. Said it to midwife and they told me that braxton hicks in pregnancy are a good sign that you'll go yourself, she had none on hers and was induced. Also getting what feel like bad period pains a lot, just as well I know what labours like or I'd be convinced I'm constantly starting :o0
lush11 Posts: 2877
I am 35 weeks on my first and i awlways felt that im going to go early if only by a few days. Over the last 2 weeks everything has changed. More discomfort which is not uncommon but over the last few days i am getting a lot of pressure below. The head is down but my bump hasnt dropped yet. Also getting a lot of cramps under my bump. Now obviously i havent a clue what anything should be feeling but its just how i feel. Hopefully its instinct.
Duffers Posts: 1841
After reading your posts last night, (in bed) went to sleep only to dream that I had the baby in bed at home! No pushing needed...baby just popped out. A boy! a huge boy...almost the same size as DS is now! Anyway, DH was panicking coz my MB10 form wasn't sent off :-8 yet and the placenta still hadn't arrived. Anyway I was feeling great and while DH was bathing new baby I popped into work and they were unaware that Id had the baby til I pointed out my lack of bump! Very strange! :o0
OAT Posts: 2207
Great thread :o)ll :o)ll I'm only 8 weeks gone, so I'm sure my predictions will change 10 times over but for now I think we're having a girl and that I'll go over my due date
lannah Posts: 574
I feel that due to my lack of complications to date and also the fact that people keep commenting on how neat I still am that I am going to go over. I am due the 1st of July so I am thinking I will probably end up giving birth somewhere between the 5th and the 10th of July. I don't mind going over (I might not say that in a few weeks) given how easy things have been so far. Also it gives me a little bit more time off work to relax as I am working right up to exactly 2 weeks before my due date.
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I never had braxton hicks last time but notice them big time with this one particularly after DTD (sorry TMI :-8 ) and sometimes when BFing DS. I think I'll go early but am trying to prepare myself for being overdue as my Mum was early with her first (DS was 10 days early) but my brother (her second) was 2 weeks late. o feelings as to the sex - was sure DS was a girl for first 20 odd weeks so think my "feelings" are well off the mark!
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
I know I will go early for defo as 37weeks is full term for me but I think I will go earlier even that this. I think it will be about34/35 weeks that Ill end up having baby. Its my first babies so have nothing to compare it to but am feelinga lot of pressure down there which could be due to the fact that their is two babies !! also getting BH aswell which again I know is common in twin pergnancies but can also mean things could go earlier..It will be interesting to see though if our predictions are right :o0
MrsDr Posts: 1316
I have a feeling Im going to go early too!! Its my first though and you tend to hear alot of people going over on their first O:| A few reasons: >Head is down but not dropped yet >Discomfort low down >BH quiet often >My Mam went early on me, my Nan went early on my mam >Everyone keeps telling me I look like im going to go early >Strange bursts of energy the last couple of weeks > Eagerness to get house clean >Baby has slowed down a bit (apparently in preparation!!) We thought we were having a girl but now have changed our minds to a boy due to the activeness, can t wait to hear the midwife tell us "its a ...." I'll bawl crying, get emotional just thinking about it :weep