have a guess at what your labour will be like

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mcglick Posts: 463
Hiya girls its very quiet here today and im in day dream mode >:o) Just thinking of how I can picture the events of labour and delivery unfolding. We can look back in the months to come and see if we were right :o0 ll go first....... I can imagine me going into labour, waters breaking at home, about 10 days early, contractions stopping and starting for a night - eventually giving in and going to hospital the next day, be in labour for about 24 hours - having an epidural, puking alot and eventually having a baby girl, weighing about 7 pounds with a head of jet black hair and her daddys features. Will just about get out for Christmas Day and home in time to parents house for turkey and ham dinner with all the trimmings Whats the bets im waaaaaayyyy off :o0
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
i imagine i will go over by a few days, after having braxton hicks for about a week or so beforehand.. i reckon i'll start contractions early one evening, i'll sleep through the early contractions then get up and have a bath, my waters will break once i get out of the bath, i'll call the hospital to let them know i'll be staying at homr as long as i can stand the contractions, then i'll go in, probably late afternoon, hubby will bring my mp3 player or a cd player and we'll put on some relaxing music and ask to be left to it. i'll birth as calmly and as relaxed as possible, making sure that i'm free to move around as i wish and have minimal interjections, i wont be pushing on command, i'll be waiting til i feel i'm ready and my babba will be born about 7/8 pounds, with a dark fluffy head, no idea what sex, in a nice happy atmosphere and we'll crying with happiness. xx
Rocky Posts: 465
Im having a section unless i go beforehand!! so mine will be in antenatal ward the night before, chatting to all the other mammys waiting and worrying about the next day. that night will find out where im on the list and listen to a few women in labour, no doubt!. then next morning eat breakfast if possible and probably dinner aswell. Will spend the moming with my DH deciding on names (last time we only spoke about and decided it the morning i had DD so presume the same will happen this time :o0 ). Then get the call to go down to theatre in my lovely gown around 4ish. Grow very pale and will probably be crying by this stage. Scared of my life getting spinal block and will be palpating like mad, i get very agitated when im nervous. DH will come in then with his lovely gown on :o0 and i will relax a bit. Then he will proceed to let me know exactly whats happening behiind the curtain, while i feel the tugging and pulling :eek . Then within a few mins, we'll hear a loud cry (please God) and the midwife will show us our little man(?) with no hair just like his sister and he'll be a bit bigger than her maybe 6lbs 8oz :o)ll dont want to think of the rest, just praying all will be ok with the babs. after that hopefully he will suckle as good as his sister and his mammy will be tired for another year! :o0 Rocky
mcglick Posts: 463
Lovely girls ! We'll see if were right in a few months time :o0
mcglick Posts: 463
bump! Anyone else?
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I reckon I'll go over after last time I'm guessing 12 days. I want to labour at home for as long as humanly possible so I am hoping the contractions start and I get some rest and little bits and pieces to eat. When I get bored in the early stages I will watch telly or listen to some music. I want to take some baths across the day or night and I intend to get a ball and rent a tens machine which I will use as things progress. I want dh to give me a massage because he is totally super at it and his backrubs last time really kept me going. When the contractions intensify and are coming together I hope to drive down to the hospital 25 minutes away (dh will probably do it in 20 even with the calming whale music I intend playing for him in the car :o0 ). Then I am hoping things move at a reasonable pace and baby comes within a few hours of arrival. When all is said and done though I haven't a clue because last time I was induced had the works including epidural and had a c section the best laid plans and all that :o0 .
chicam Posts: 1169
Have a guess what my labour will be like - scary and painful I would think!!! :-8 :o( :o(
sunnyside Posts: 3164
Hopefully the guiness book of records will contact me to find out how I had no pain and it only lasted half an hour after I reached the hospital :o0 .