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2006bride Posts: 87
Any recommendations for getting rid of cold I got Honey from the health shop not sure if this is going to help. Have been off sick thur and Fri and will need sick note will I don’t go in on Monday
mad woman Posts: 22106
ooh not sure petal, why don't you phone your maternity hospital? get plenty of Vit c, loads of fruit and veg and rest.
mummy bear Posts: 3824
I was like this 2weeks ago 2006bride and i mailed the vhi nurse and this is the reply that they sent me: Having said this, choose what you drink carefully. Water, dilute juices and clear soups are all good options. Herbal teas are also good, especially ginger and peppermint, which are soothing, warming and promote sweating (and so the release of toxins via the skin). Freshly squeezed juice is also good since it contains more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than concentrate. Also, fresh juice also has less sugar and, when you have a cold, this may be important. hth and you feel better soon, plenty of rest too :xox
sarah to be a mrs Posts: 349
i had a cold before i found out i was pregnant (it was thanks to that cold that i got pregnant in the 1st place as i was ill on the pill :o0 ) the doctor jus recommended having rest and drinking lots of fluids. hope you get better soon xx :lvs