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Maybebaby1 Posts: 558
... that this could be our month even though I didnt get any EWCM. I am driving myself demented (yet again!). If I go by last months dates I should be due AF on thurs. Last thurs was so exhausted I could hardly keep my eyes open, tiredness still there but not as much as it was on Thurs. I have had very odd twinges and pains all over the weekend and get heartburn everytime I eat (which I have never had before). Have also felt nauseus all weekend, again every time I eat. This morning pains starting to feel a little more like AF pains but I never have them early, AF always arrives then the pains start? I know this could all be in my imagination but I really hope its our month. Wish me luck and say a prayer for the dreaded witch not to arrive! Thanks for listening girls, dont know what I would do without this forum. :wv
sinion Posts: 6050
keeping everything crossed for you hon, I'm not going to comment on your symptoms as I'm the queen of a terrible condition called symptomsthatprobablyaren'treallytherebutallinmyheaditis :o0 :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: