Have my first appointment wid Dr.Slevin

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Clumsy28 Posts: 407
Have my first appointment wid Dr.Slevin next wk what sud I expect apartfrom being €1000 lighter.Sud I bring DH r am I being silly
sunny1 Posts: 995
Hi clumsy28, I'm with Dr. Slevin also. I'm mad about him! Definitely bring dh to the first appointment as you will be getting a scan. Make sure ye're prepared for a long enough wait as there can be delays in there. First you will check in with secretary who is also lovely. You will be given forms to fill out and then you will go to see the nurse who will take more details from you and take blood samples. Then you wait to be called into Dr. Slevin who will do a scan and point out arms legs etc. You will then get pictures of scan. He's really nice guy and I never feel rushed with him. I came out on a high after my first app with pictures of baby. Best of luck with it :)