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Takola Posts: 2 as some of us brides I've decided to save up a bit on BM dresses by ordering them online. So first of all the dresses didn't really look the same way as they looked on the pics...O.o like they were the same, but on the picture they seemed perfect.....but when we got them...I was like "ok, that doesn't look that bad on. So when my lovely BMs tried them on 2 of them didn't fit...even though we stated the sizes on the order it was like the waist line was size 8(well 10:)) but the bottom like the bottom was correct but what's with the waist?I thought I'd have to buy a new the website did not want to accept any responsibilities as they sent out the "correct" Than one of my girlies came up with the idea that we should check alterations first...I know my wedding is like ages away...but you know, I wanted to have the now...... Don't know why I never checked this site before.... O:| So after searching for ages...friend of a friend of a friend [i:10f8h3pb]recommended[/i:10f8h3pb] that lady in Galway....and bingo...they were able to let out the dresses....and they looked as if they were straight from the shop...Thanks to the ladies the dress part is complete...They even shortned me dressss and designed the jacket like thingie to go with the dress...collecting it in a week... *) so happy!!yeah... So girls if you have decided to get a dress online, give the [b:10f8h3pb]measurements[/b:10f8h3pb] instead of a size where [b:10f8h3pb]possible.[/b:10f8h3pb]..just to avoid those stressssful moments:) well, that was long...!!! Thanks)))
Takola Posts: 2
I don't know if anybody wants to know but I went to Silver Needle alterations in Terryland Retail park...(I live in that area)