Have u found ur views have changed rapidly during pregnancy?

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chicam Posts: 1169
Just wondering if I'm the only one whose views have changed drastically during pregnancy? If you'd asked me before I got pregnant I would have told you the things I would worry about about being pregnant was miscarriage and the birth. At the beginning of my pregnancy I found what I was worried about was strangely not those 2 things but rather what I should be eating and if being sick all the time was harming the baby. If you'd asked me at the beginning about how I'd give birth I would have told you that I wouldn't have teeth pulled without an anaesthetic so I wouldn't be giving birth without the epidural and until very recently I've maintained that view. However, in the last couple of weeks having spoken and read about the epidural and its disadvantages (and I can't believe I'm about to say this!!) but I am considering not saying for definite I want an epi but seeing how it goes! Has anyone else found that what they have always always thought has suddenly just changed, cos I feel really weird that I'm even entertaining birth without an epidural as I've grown up with the opinion I'd have one!! Pregnancy does strange things to your head.
chloe100 Posts: 97
God Chicam I could have written that post myself!! My views on loads of thing's have changed, I notice thing's my friends do with their children, babies and toddlers and find myself thinking ' I won't be doing that' or ' I can't believe she just done that'....... obvisiouly I wouldn't say anything, it's easy to have opinions when your not dealing with it day to day... I told a good friend the other day when she slapped her 2 year old ' I don't care what you do at home but please don't slap her in my home' :eek I'm not sure who was more shocked my friend or me ( I ment it, I was just surprised I said it out loud!!) Breastfeeding... need I say anymore. I'll be a little dissapointed if I'm not able to BF our baby if you suggested it to me before I was pregnant I would have said NO straightaway
alton Posts: 3077
Absolutely! I feel a bit of a gulf with my old friends too but I think that has more to do with how much I feel I've changed in the last few months than with anything that they have/ haven't said or done. Priorities have changed completely. I never thought I was really cut out to be a wife/mother but I can't get over how happy I am in my life at the moment. I'm having the same transformation about epidurals - I started off thinking that I'd feel a twinge of a contractions, rush off to hospital and let the white-coats take over everything. I was picturing myself yelling for an epidural on the way in the door. Now, after being alcohol-caffeine-favourite-foods-free for all these months I'm not at all keen to drug-up at the end and I'm tentatively planning for a natural birth (although screaming for an epi is still plan b) I'm not nearly as judgemental about other parents. I'd never have said anything but I would watch relatives and friends with children and think to myself [i:rhxs3a1f]I'd never do that[/i:rhxs3a1f] and now I'm a lot more sympathetic about being worn out and worn down! I also have this growing confidence in myself as a mother which is very strange because I'm such a worrier by nature - but as far as the baby goes I just feel that I'll be able to handle it when the time comes. That is so not me :o0 :o0