Have Waters broke + TMI

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Duncelt Posts: 460
Morning all - its 5.30am and i've been up since 4.30 as I felt wet - its a longgggggggggggg time since I peed myself so am wondering if its my waters - its not a lot but is oderless and colourless and i've no contractions, but as i'm sure your aware we don't have the same control down there at this late stage. I'm having slight discomfort but its around the back passage area and shooting upwards towards my back. Seriously, this could be just a case of having to go to the toilet as i'm having some wind also. This is my first and i've no idea and can't get back to sleep. Help!!!!
theoracle Posts: 7664
If it is your waters trickling, then you should have a continuous flow. Given your late stage though, you might want to get checked out regardless. Are you having good amount of movement?
newone Posts: 1714