Have you got a "perfect" sibling?

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Jawl Posts: 8881
I'm sure every family has one! With my mother it's her sons! My older brother (who should know better) had an issue yesterday. It wasn't anything to do with any of us, but it caused a great deal of stress to my mother as she was involved with it. She was really upset last night because of this. It was my brother's boo - boo, and his wife was quite angry with him and rightly so! Sometimes my mother is too soft. This morning she's totally changed her tune and he's not in the wrong at all, he's a hard worker, who is a good husband (all true!) and his wife has no call to be on his case about this :o0 :o0 He's a good boy, yada yada! Of course she's not saying this to him or his wife, but to me. Which in some ways is worse, because I know if it was me, she'd pull me on it and tell me the error of my ways!! Wouldn't be backwards in coming forwards if I had done the same thing to h2b :o0 Don't get me wrong, my mam is fab and I love her to bits and she loves all her children equally. But her sons can do no wrong, even when they do it's not their fault! :o0 :o0 Please tell me we all have one of these in our family? I asked h2b who it was in his family and he said none. I said 'it was probably you' to which he agreed, :o0 and walked away!
whoop Posts: 1310
I have an older sibling who is soo perfect. Mannerly, groomed, excellent career, perfect family - the ideal child. I have another sibling who is an underachiever but mother won't hear a bad word against him, even though at times I could gladly throttle him. When I fcek up I get hauled over hot coals by the mother!!!!!!
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Yep - it's my older brother, her first born, can absolutely do no wrong!!! In saying that my mum and I are liek best friends - but not the point :o0 :o0
katgirl Posts: 1258
yep- my sister is the one in our family, its a running joke now and me and my bro actuall christened her "the golden child" she is 11mts older than me and used to infuriate the life out of me ( we get on great now), my ma let her away with murder she didnt have to do any of the dirty jobs around the house she was too "delicate" and "ah she isnt able" so me and my brother had to do all the crap jobs, and when we used to fight it was ALWAYS my fault even if she started it i would get into trouble for provoking her!!!! she never got into trouble in school, didnt get caught smoking, didnt go out drinking all night, got a job while in school and studied at same time, had nice steady boyfriend at 15 till 22 or something, stayed in and studied everynight before her leaving and did a nice sensible course after and got a nice job, is now married with a baby- see perfect :o0 whereas i was the opposite in trouble every other day but we laugh about it now but me and my bro still slag her over her perfectness
busybee07 Posts: 959
Id say it was all of us at different times (theres 3 of us) My older brother would of been the perfect one when we were growing up, he could do no wrong, still the same in my granny's eyes at 28! Then it was me for a period i was the perfect child i was hard working, working 2 jobs and going to college at night. Myself and my mam were never that close (until i moved out) and she would never of praised me like she did my brother but i heard stories that she was going round telling everyone how proud she was of me when we were getting married, that we did it all ourselves while working 2 jobs and going to college etc. I was really touched by it. Now its my baby sister, shes the perfect one, away at college (in London) fending for herself. We have all been treated equally. On my DH's side theres only him and his sister. Well she can do no wrong according to the father. DH has a good job, bought a house, got married and had a beautiful daughter but that means nothing to FIL. SIL is just perfect in his eyes.
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Jawl that's funny about your H2B. I was an only child for a long time so it's probably me too! My youngest sister is the pet and my stepdad will say stupid things like isn't she the loveliest girl in the world in front of both his daughters, this really rubs me up the wrong way as he doesn't see any problem with it :innocent: My older sister had a baby earlier this year and my mum is besotted. She's usually not mad about babies but adores my niece, she told me last night that it'll be very hard for me to have a baby nicer than her :yelrotflmaosmilie: The baby is an angel though so mum is right.
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
There's definitely 1 in every family! I'm the eldest of 4 and always felt that Mam got softer as she went down the line. I was always good in school, never did anything wrong, did a fantastic leaving cert, went to college, got a permanent job straight out of college, saved for our house, got engaged & married.....etc etc.....However according to my dearest Mammy's rose tinted glasses I was always the worst one at home :innocent: (I'll admit I was a bit moody but as I tell her all the time that's only cos she drove me mad & got on my nerves!!) My brother's on his second course in college (left the 1st 1 half way through 1st yr) and spent the summer doing repeats. :duh: My other sister had to be sent to a different school as she'd been suspended so many times and was in danger of being expelled :eek and due to the fact that she didn't exactly work for her leaving cert is now waiting until she's a mature student to go to college as she didn't get nearly enough points And my youngest sister is just finished her leaving cert (again has a few suspensions under her belt :-8 ) and is pregnant! Now in fairness there are times when Mam reckons she's got a 25% success rate (Me!!) ;o) when it comes to her kids but she still maintains that the other 3 are soooooo much easier to deal with! When we were younger we used always say that our brother was the pet & she'd agree sometimes and say "would ye blame me since he's so easy going & leaves me in peace"! At the moment it's after switching to the youngest but she changes her mind about her favourite every day!! Ah in fairness she's a great old Mammy....she hasn't done a bad job really with us!
yeah, my older sister seems to be the perfect one in our family. She settled down young, bought her first house young, got married, had beautiful children, has never caused my mam or dad a bit of grief. Bless her. She is lovely though and we do have a laugh about how everything seemed to roll perfectly for her. But I wouldn't have it any other way and love her to bits and very happy that all worked out great in life for her. Used to always be that my mam would take her side in an argument though and often told me to apologise to her without even knowing what the row was about as she would do nothing wrong! Think my mam secretly likes that I was a little bit rebellous though and have loads of tales to tell her. She says I am the best one for all the news and my sister tells her nothing hee hee!
Jawl Posts: 8881
I think all kids in families are different, I know me and my 2 brothers are very different. I'm the mouthy cheeky one! :o0 I don't know what it is, they just can do no wrong in her eyes! All my friends say the same about their brothers and mothers. God my mother is one of the MIL's on WOL isn't she? :o0 :o0 H2b's mother is dead but he has 5 sisters and they're all older. It's like he's God! :o0 So I get it 5 times more than normal! :o0
Jims Doll Posts: 356
No we are all the same and have always been treated the same. 3 girls. Spoiled rotten and we still are at 24,27 and 29 years of age. We have all at different times make wrong decisions etc, you were given out to or whatever but you knew no matter what you did mam and dad would be there for you and were proud of you. They know we're not perfect but they love us all the same.