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Nance Posts: 161
Just wondering if anyone is experiencing anxiety dreams as i seem to be having them at least once a week now. Wedding is in June, and I dreamt the other night, that I woke up, it was the morning of the wedding. All these people were arriving at my house, and I was like what are they doing here! Turned out it was the wedding day. I had to wash my hair myself and then I couldn't find a hair brush. Had no make up and all the bridesmaids were missing. It was awful.. Just wondering is there anyone as nutty as me out there? Would love to hear your dream stories!!! :wv
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Singstar Posts: 323
I'm just as bad. But I have anxiety dreams about everything. I'll dream my hair or teeth are falling out if I'm under pressure in college so I expected them to happen while wedding planning.
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
yes mine started when i got engaged, there is another post somewhere about them, i woke the other night and it was very bad wind so when i did fall back asleep i had a dream that my wedding was delayed as wind was so bad and when i got to church it blew away! mad i know! then i had a dream i forgot my shoes day before wedding and had to go searching and another dream i forgot flowers so my mother went to get me some and retured wih dead ones that fell apart! the mind is a funny thing. :o0
Bubski Posts: 1785
Oh I hope i dont get any... I dont like stress *)
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
defo & I have a year & a half till my wedding!
SparklyC Posts: 1766
I'm married over a year now and I can still remember the worst of the dreams that I had pre-wedding! Hilarious it was - the wedding was about 6 months away and I woke up in a sweat and turned to H2B and he was wondering what was wrong with me and said that I was calling out in my sleep - " I have to get these boots and mac off" !! Basically had a dream that it was the morning of the wedding and that I was just after getting up, having my shower etc and then my mam came up to me and said right you need to put these on : A stiff slip underskirty type thing, doc martin boots, and a grey "old mans type" mac!! She said put them on and then bring the dog for walk!! - In the dream I did as I was told and off I went, I then found myself walking the dog into the church and as I got to the top of the aisle I realised what was going on and that everyone would see me with the mad clothes and boots on and the dog and everything and started shouting at my sisters (who in the dream were trying to PUSH me down the aisle!) and kept screaming that I have to get these boots and mac off !! haha!! I think that most of the dream was because i kept saying to my family that I wanted the dog included in the ceremony!! (in hindsight I think I was going a bit mad because of all the plans and obviously on the day I didnt REALLY want the dog with me going down the aisle!!) Good luck with all your planning girlies - and enjoy the dreams !! :wv
redsquirrel Posts: 391
Last night was the first real one! I was sitting in the car outside the church at 1.20pm (wedding at 2pm) and no one was arriving. The I remembered that I should have been at the hotel as that was where my make up and hairdresser were...... Couldnt dial their numbers as my hands were shaking so much :eek :eek
Fluffer Posts: 2672
Would probably have more dreams about the wedding if i could get to sleep! keep thinking about it when lying in bed. Have had a few about the day being a total disaster but Crazy dreams are a regular occurance for me. Had a dream the other night that madonna murdered tony hart and the police thought i did it!!!! Ha ha!! h2b thinks i'm mental!! :o)ll
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
yup but as they say in theatre circles bad rehearsal good performance so if i have funny wedding dreams i know it will go well