Haven't heard hearbeat yet, 8 wks pregnant,

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Skippy Posts: 1834
I've had 3 Scans so far, none have caught a heartbeat. Dr is happy with what he sees on the screen and says my utuerus is tilted, and so my bladder is blocking the sound, well maybe it is. but i'm sure I had heard the heartbeat by now with my last pregnancy. Just wondering what everyone else has heard at this point. Doesn't help that i've been on Fertility Friend. Jesus, what a bunch of loopers they are, but they all seem to have such medicalised pregnanacies, getting their hormones levels every few days, heartbeats at 6 weeks etc. And this for healthy, run of the mill pregnancies!
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Hi Skippy, I am 14 weeks today and haven't heard the heartbeat yet. We saw it on the screen at a scan at 10 weeks and aren't back with the doc till next week. To be honest, I am not stressing about it cause doc said everything was fine so I don't think about hearing it. I think a lot of the girls on here will be in the same boat, I haven't seen many posts about hearing the heartbeat that early, seems to be very early to me? Don't worry yourself with the 'medicalised pregnancies' (great phrase BTW) on FF, that is not the reality in a lot of people's worlds and personally, I don't think is likely to make a pregnancy any more successful or healthy. Sometimes people know too much as my mum is fond of telling me :o0
Elegance Posts: 2848
hi skippy.... in my experience doctors will not give false hope, so if they thought there was any issue with the heartbeat, they would be preparing you for it. The fact that they have explained the reason for the lack of heartbeat - ie the tilted uterous, makes sense pet. Especially as you've had 3 scans.... assume the baby has grown for each scan? If the baby has grown for each, thats impossible if there was no heartbeat iykwim. Its so worrying this pg lark! But try to relax, it seems like you are doing fine pet.
babs76 Posts: 1000
Hi Skippy - I'm nearly 15 weeks and i havent heard the heart beat either but to be honest, I tought that it was at least week 15 onwards before the doc will put a doppler on you to hear it because a lot of the time you cant hear it (iykwim). I've seen the heartbeat everytime we have been for a scan and i'm hoping at my next doc appt (around 16 weeks) that they will use the doppler on me try not to worry - if your doc was any bit worried he would have said it to you and he's obviously not so try and relax (easier said than done I know) all the best
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hi Skippy, I didnt first hear the heartbeat till around 16 weeks & then it was at my GP's with a doppler. I've had 3 scans & I havent heard the heartbeat at any of them, just seen it on the screen.
zoey Posts: 1574
Hi Skippy, I agree with the other posters. I know it would be very reassuring to hear the little heart beating but it really is very early for most doctors to be able to pick up on it. As long as they seem happy with everything then I wouldn't be concerned. Doctors don't usually beat around the bush - if they thought there was something up they would come straight out and tell you. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Zoey :lvs
MammySpice Posts: 2501
Hiya Skippy! I know it would be lovely to hear the heartbeat but as long is doc says everything is ok then don't be worrying - it's not good for you!! I had a scan at 12 weeks and SAW the heart beating away, then Doctor tried doppler at 16 weeks and found nothing, doc wasn't worried but scared the life out of me and DH so off we went to private clinic to have another scan and again SAW the heartbeat. Detailed anatomy scan at 20 weeks - again hearbeat very visible and babs dancing about the screen but still no sound!! Would love to hear that galloping sound others describe but have had to wait so long at this stage that I've stopped thinking about it. As long as babs is happy and healthy in there that's the main thing :lvs :lvs
Skippy Posts: 1834
:thnk Thanks ladies, I feel much more reassured now. I definitely did hear the heartbeat at this point on my last pregnancy, but I had a different GP and she was using a doppler, and it took her ages. I just thought that was the norm for all pregnancies, to hear a heartbeat by now. I see it's not! But, I've still made an appointment with the midwives I saw on my last pregnancy, I know they have a doppler and they are free to see so i'm still on the hunt for the heartbeat :o0 :o0 But I wont' stress if there's no sign of it. It's true what some posters were saying, about Dr's not beating around the bush. I hadn't thought about that before. Thanks girls!