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roma2011 Posts: 1208
Hi Wollies, my hubbie and I moved to Australia about two years ago and have just discovered that we're expecting a baby. We're both so happy, but it's a conflicted kind of happiness as it's pretty terrifying being so far from support networks and the familiar surroundings back home. For financial reasons we are going to stay in Australia to have the baby. It's pretty daunting facing into it so far away from home though! Hopefully my parents are going to come out for a while but it won't be the same as doing it all at home. Plus we don't have residency so we have to take the cost of it all on the chin ourselves. It's not looking like my pregnancy cover from my Irish insurer has carried over to my new Aussie insurer either O:| (in terms of recognition of me already having served waiting periods) although I'm hoping to argue my case successfully on that front. It's still early days for us (not due until July 2014) so I have plenty of time to fight with them! Is there anyone else on here facing into pregnancy/giving birth abroad? Would be great to hear from others in the same boat, I'm sure there must be lots of us. :wv
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Yep, there's definitely lots in this situation. I think there was 3 of us in my October 2013 group. Our baby is 4 weeks old now and there's been several times I've been so glad we're not in Ireland. There's been a few homesick tears too but it's been more positive than negative. We're in Canada and have been here for 3 years. Luckily the public healthcare here is great so we haven't had to pay for anything. That must be a worry alright. You'll hear lots of people on here talking about the "advice" they get from people. Unrequested advice. Everytime a post like that popped up I was so glad we were away and able to figure things out for ourselves without any inteferece. I had a rule that I didn't want anyone who had had children before, to come near me after baby was born. One of my younger sisters did come over for a week when baby was one week old but she was fine and it wasn't her first trip here so we didn't have to entertain her. Hubby was off for the first 3 weeks too. Would highly recommend your OH get as much time off after the baby arrives, as possible. That's the key I think. Definitely needed those 3 weeks. We have great friends here too so loads of offers of babysitters. Another couple we are friends with are due their first baby next month too which is great as the 2 of us ladies will have an overlap in our mat leave.
CherylC Posts: 1071
I'm sure you'll be fine. I know it must be a bit daunting, but having a baby is a great way to meet new people. Its a time in life when people are looking for new friends and all have something in common - going through the same emotions and struggles. Mum and Baby groups, breastfeeding support groups, baby massage, baby music classes, swimming classes etc etc - they are all good ways to meet new people and build a support network. If you don't have family around, then I wouldn't hesitate to look for a babysitter you trust so you can still have a few nights out for you and DH. It'll take a few months before you're ready for it, but it will be worth it. And these days with Skype etc hopefully it won't feel so far away. Not sure about waiting periods - but here in Ireland you only have to be on VHI for 12 months before the baby is born to get cover (ie 3 months before getting pregnant) - good luck with the discussions with the health insurance. Best of luck.
roma2011 Posts: 1208
Yup I'm excited about it but still wish I could be at home for it all. And I know we'll be grand, it's just nice to hear from others in a similar situation. Got word from our aussie insurers today that they are going to honour waiting periods we previously served with our irish insurers so that's a huge relief :)
johnswife2b Posts: 25
Hi, We too are in Australia and expecting our first baby in May! We've been away from home for two and a half years. We've wanted to start a family for a long time but we were waiting for the "right time". There's never a right time or place and we decided to just to just go for it. We're so sick of all we've had to put on hold or put off because we are away from home-we just want our lives to move forward. We also feel we're giving our baby the best start in life. We're more financially secure here and our baby will have automatic residency in Australia. I would do anything to have my family and friends around us but this is our life right now and hopefully there will be more pros than cons. Best of luck with everything :action28
starzzzz Posts: 1123
Lurking here. We are same as Little lily living in Canada the past 3 and a half years. We had dd here in Canada (now 19months old). We got a lot of visitors the year she was born but we've had no visitors for a while. We've been home twice since she was born so she has met everyone. Skype is great she recognizes everyone and it means she wasnt strange when she did see everyone in person again. Although some people think that she should sit infront of the laptop when she is on skype instead of the running around she does do. But the no interfering and lack of unwanted advice is brilliant! :o0 Its so nice not to have anyone going oh thats not how we did it in my day etc, or if they are still saying it you can nod along and they never find out your not doing it. It can be hard not having the family support but I think its made us appreciate our own little family more and made everything better. With less family around you put more effort into making the birthdays and christmas more special and unique I have found. Sorry I kind of rambled not sure if any of it is useful :o0
roma2011 Posts: 1208
Tis great to hear the positives about doing it abroad! I hadn't thought of no family being there as a positive in terms of just being able to do your own thing - just goes to show that every cloud had a silver lining :) We are on a 457 visa here so our baby won't automatically get citizenship. Is only if we get residency that the baby will be a citizen. We have requested our sponsor to fast track our residency nomination (eligible in May next year anyway) and it's looking like we will be looked after. Have been referred to a migration agent anyway so that's positive. Fingers crossed now....