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TinyK Posts: 67
Picked up my dress today 9wedding is in 2 weeks!) and I'm really worried I may collapse on the day as its really heavy!! How did I not notice this before???
windycity Posts: 2241
have you had the alterations done on it yet? Its v humid today though and the hotel will have AC
tilsun Posts: 4506
Don't panic. My dress was so heavy I was worn out carrying it to the car. But on the day I didn't feel it at all, floated on air. Get comfy, comfy shoes
vonanto Posts: 395
I'm sure you'll be fine, you'll just be focused on how great you look :thnk
ems09 Posts: 318
On the day you will hardly realise and when everyone is telling you how beautiful you look you will totally forget about it but I second that comfy shoes!!
vonanto Posts: 395
Yes actually, I plan on wearing gorgeos hels for the actual wedding part but once the dancing starts I'll be in some form of flip flops!!
TinyK Posts: 67
Thanks all for the nice replies! O-O Have calmed down now about it! With current changable weather, may need the extra layers of fabric to keep warm. :o0 Think I was a bit freaked out at how long the train is (I thought it would hook up more for later in the evening) but fingers crossed hope it'll be fine.