having period on pill

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new2007 Posts: 10
is it possible to have 1 or more periods on the pill if you are pregnant? or has it happened to anyone here? i have been feeling nauseous and really tired for the last few weeks, and i have noticed that I am running to the toilet far more often that i was. My last 'period' was about a day shorter than usual and light (though they usually are light for me anyway).. I keep thinking i am pregnant but when i got my 'period' i thought i was just imagining things but last night i started feeling sick and completely exhausted and today i feel crampy and have been having headaches and sore eyes through the day. I prob should just get a test done but could i just be taking the flu or something ?! thanks!
ginger nut Posts: 5989
it is possible to get pregnant while on the pill and the "period" might have been either withdrawal bleed or implantation. Do a test and you'll know one way or another.