Having sex while preggers....

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madmam Posts: 1294
So whats the story? Have ye gone off sex, or can't get enough of it? Are you put off (like I am!) by the cramps after the Big O? (this is perfectly normal by the way!) Is DH turned on or off by your changing bod? Or is he afraid of hurting the baba? Come on, after *quote* us talking about cm like its the weather *unquote* (love that one!), we can talk about this right?
irish bride Posts: 558
I am embarrassed to say that i really do not have any interest in it at all now, and the cramping pains afterwards really didnt help at all! I think the main reason is that i genuinely feel very unattractive throughout this pregnancy so the idea of going 'there' is just not a thought that enters my mind. I do genuinely feel v guilty for DH though, and try to make a conscious effort when i can. Mind you, i have to say that full on sex hurts in the 3rd trimester (well it does for me anyway!)
grumpy Posts: 1280
I think I can count on one hand the number of times we've ddt since I got pregnant :-8. I just have sooooo little interest in it, and then a couple of times I did, but dh was wrecked and turned it down! He is definitely loving the new figure (more than I am, thats for sure!) and can't keep his hands off me, but doesn't pressure me at all for anything more. Think he may be in for a treat over the next 9 days though, as I am getting very bored of this pregnancy malarky, and they say sex helps bring on labour!
jen2 Posts: 3106
I dont have to much of an interest in it at the moment. But know in a while my sex drive will go sky high.. It did on the other two. DH does not really find the bump a turn on, but he loves the big boobs. I went to a 36F last time. Bless him.............. You become restricted in the positions you can do. You will find one that is the most comfotable for you. The last 2 months it started to get uncomfortable. Could only really do it one way. Jen2
irish bride Posts: 558
Grumpy, I am with you! Sorry to steal your post Shorty but Grumpy is the sex thing a old wives tale, or have you heard if it is really true?!
miss sixty Posts: 467
Well I havent gone off it or anything just sometimes a bit too tired to make the effort! This is our 2nd pregnancy so any ideas we had about sex affecting the baby etc are now resolved and differenciated between fact/fiction :o0 I dunno maybe things will change as I "bloom"!
Miki Posts: 309
I am making an effort for his sake to be honest, i think its just the thought of it that puts me off cause once we are 'in the act' itself, im loving it at the moment. its just getting the motivation in the first place!!!!!!!
boobies Posts: 1625
ditto Miki....
grumpy Posts: 1280
[quote="irish bride":2ce8syw2]Sorry to steal your post Shorty but Grumpy is the sex thing a old wives tale, or have you heard if it is really true?![/quote:2ce8syw2] Haven't personally asked someone in the medical profession (but might at appt on wednesday), but all the books say it, and I've never heard anyone refute it. Can't hurt anyway, and may be the last time for a while :o0
irish bride Posts: 558
Good point! Well if you ask on Wed make sure to let us know ha ha!