Having the worst day at work!!

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bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
God i wish it was friday- i am soooo mad writing this, roll on 5.30- the girl i work with in the office is a serious B*itch, she has no respect, the way she speaks to me, i wouldnt speak to a dog like that!! im new here, and she is sooo rude arrogant and obnoxious, has huge notions os herself and looks down on everyone else, proceeded to say she would NEVER buy a house in a certain area- knowing full well thats where our house is :o( , theres things u may think but dont say- she just says everything, whinging about the phone ringing in the office- thats ure job be thankful u have one and anyway im the one ans the phone so quit moaning- ifeel like saying, earlier someone rang looking for the boss or should i say "bear" dare not put a call through to him this wk, his humour is dire! so i had to get all the details and the man on the phone clearly wanted to speak to boss. so he hung up and rang bk, girl told me to take all the details which the unwilling man gave!! then she asked after i hung up- "did u get his email add"- knowing i didnt- then ring him bk! Shes also too "busy" to take calls, i wouldnt mind but ud swear im scratching my a$$!! its taking me all day to ans phone (god forbid i was in toilet or anything) take messages then spend another 10 mins passing on exact details of what every client wanted FFS O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| I cant get any of my work done!
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
I think you should start to treat her the way she treats you and see how she likes it. I know you are not like that and some may disagree but lately i am so fed up with people they way they treat others and thinking they're much more superior than others, i'm not taking and sh(t from anyone anymore so I say treat her as she treats others.
Baby4 Posts: 153
When she speaks to you in that way, you should repeat what she said first and be as plesant as possible, this will just wreck her head. also if you act like you don't even notice her bad attitude, she'll stop trying to pi** you off... :o0