Having waters broken as routine in normal spontaneous labour

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wideeyed Posts: 254
Hi Just a bit confused on this, does anyone know... I've heard lots of mothers say they had their waters broken during normal labour, ie not when the were getting induced or anything. Presumably this is to speed things up. Peter Boylans book says its routinely done and that theres no advantage in not having it done....hmmm. I like reading Cochrane Reviews on labour/childbirth as i'm a complete nerd, they are the highest standard of research which can exist so they are normally gospel for sciency people, unless they dont have enough high quality research to review that is. Clinical practice is often guided by these reviews. Anyways i just read the one on amniotomy to shorten labour and it says there is no benefit in doing it. Anyones take on this? The link to the review is here:
Momof2 Posts: 3884
only speaking from experience but it definitley helped my speed up my labour I'd hit a wall when they decided to do it and things progressed alot quicker after. I'm not medically qualified so perhaps this would have happened anyway. But it wasn't an uncomfortable procedure and I was agreeable to trying anything.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I, personally would object to practice of breaking water early in and around 1-3cm - this usually does not bode well and there is plenty of evidence in that regard that the resulting stronger contractions and faster dilation often cause distress in the baby. They also usually insist on giving you an epidural when they break your waters, even if you are coping well up to that point, which again could be a whole new topic about pros and cons, but if it is something you would like to try and avoid, then obvioulsy it isn't ideal. On dd3 the consultant on duty wanted to break my waters at 5cm, which I rejected, as I wanted to labour naturally, but I said that I wouldn't mind having them broken at 9-10cm, they were broken at 10 and I progressed to pushing stage immediately (same on dd2) so I am really satisfied by that. As said, my opinion, I am not a doctor but have read as many birth stories and a pattern is there.
Anne Boleyn Posts: 709
I was induced for 4 days before DD was born on the 5th day. On day 3 they hooked me up to an oxytocin drip for a few hours to try to kickstart labour but it had zero effect. On day 5, my waters were broken, I was hooked up to the drip again & immediately the contractions began really intensely. I got the epi 3 hours later, & after 2 & a half hours of pushing, DD was born after about 7 and a half hours of labour in total. In my case, breaking my waters was the final option I'd say bar a section so I was happy for the consultant to do so.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I didn't want ARM at all. Specifically had mentioned it in antenatal care and didn't go to HS because of their active management policy. However I was 4cm on arrival into hospital and according to notes membranes were bulging. Two hours later I was 7cm and I practically begged the midwife to break them as I just couldn't handle the pressure anymore. It was such a relief when they were ruptured. Got to 10cm hour and half later. I can't say if it had any impact at all. IMO I don't think it did as things were progressing well. In relation to the Cochrane review, I agree with the findings. Alot of RCTS/research was looked at for that review and I think people have a tendency to look at a few studies and anecdotal info rather than comprehensive evidence. THat said you will always get professionals who disagree even with EBP studies.
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Similar to nearlymumof2 I had mine broken at around 5cm (I think). I wasn't in a Dublin hospital and had in my birth plan that I didn't want them broken. Midwives were sticking to this, but I asked for them to be broken as I seemed to hit a wall and contractions stalled at 5 minutes apart. I didn't have an epidural, and after waters were broken around 10:30pm the labour began progressing quickly again. I was at pushing stage around 12:30am, so it took 2 hours to get from 5cm to 10cm for me. I hope to wait a bit longer the next time, but you never know until your in the situation.