hazel hotel monastervin and also advice please

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Emeraldbride Posts: 113
hi, has anyone been married here recently, they seem to do good deals on midweek weddings. we were planning on marrying in august 2011 but are now thinking of moving it to sep 2010 so dont have to wait as long. have been looking at other hotels but some want a 10% increase on 2009 prices. also we r living at home in my mothers house as we r trying to save for a deposit on our first home. The arrangemnt suits us fine. I am hoping that we would be in our first house by the time of the wedding. people keep telling me I should wait till we r in our own house before we book and have a bigger wedding, we dont want to wait and I dont see why we should have to please other people, if at the time of the wedding we r still not in our house, it wouldnt be the end of the world. wot do ye think? thanks :wv
KiaMia Posts: 239
We had our reception in the Hazel at the beginning of October this year. I have no faults whatsoever. The food was lovely and plenty of it. We did not give a choice but everyone was very complimentary of the food. Staff were very helpful with the planning and Mary on the desk was lovely to both myself and my mother every time we phoned re bedrooms. The room looked beautiful, i will try post a picture. We paid for chair covers (bargain the price down, may be included for midweek weddings), but the beautiful table decorations were all provided by the hotel. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. [img:hjyzneu5]http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z78/tazm_photos/0895TANYA.jpg[/img:hjyzneu5]
Emeraldbride Posts: 113
Hi KiaMaria, thanks r that, the room looks great, did they move the tables back for the dancing after? yeah the chair covers r included on midweek weddings. it seems like really good value compared to others we have looked at around. we r going to arrange to go look at it after Christmas. :wv
adealsadeal Posts: 60
Hi Guys, Firstly congrats on your wedding and congrats on your upcoming wedding!!! I am a 2010 bride and I am more than likely going to have the reception in the hazel hotel? Would you recommend this hotel or was there any faults? was the room too big or just right etc? Also what band did you have?? Would you recommend them? I have been reading these fourms and I feel so unorgansied! I have nothing booked or anything! hoping by the end of the month we will have something sorted!! Its a bit daunting with the amount of work that needs to be done although I am loving this site!!!! ha ha
KiaMia Posts: 239
Hi girls, Yes the chairs were moved back for dancing. Having been to about 12 weddings in the last year i have seen it done both ways, as in clear dance floor & no need to move tables. I personally like when you have to leave for the dance floor to be cleared. Firstly your are forced to get up and move after a big meal! and secondly in the case of table plans you get to rejoin your friends/family etc without looking rude leaving the table you were assigned to. We had quite a large wedding, 250 sit down meal and the another 50/60 to afters so if anything we needed more space. But i have also been to a wedding with 150 guests and it looked every bit as good. Enjoy the plainning girls.