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gideon Posts: 453
Does anyone else find the humans mooing disturbing? And the ad were the old women are knitting shreddies I hate it, it makes me think the cereal is all dirty like wool gets and smells of granny hands.
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
No, the only ads that freak me out are the ones with talking babies. Creepy!
layla27 Posts: 59
if you find the mooing in the ad disturbing .... i was in maternity hospital in a ward I was 15 days overdue and the doctors had just induced me so i was lying in a bed waiting for things to happen when all of a sudden the lady across from me started Mooing!!!!! not a word of a lie!!!! she is in height of labour pains and MOoing!!!! it was a very disturbing experience for this 18year old mum to be i can tell you! 8 and half years on and i still have not forgot it!! everytime i see that ad now it brings it all back to me..
lindy Posts: 1135
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