hcg not doubling-please help

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significantother Posts: 123
Hi girls Anybody have experience with this. My doctor thinks I may be threatening miscarriage and I am worried sick. Had 2 episodes of very very slight spotting last week. Doctor took blood to test HCG at 5 weeks 4 days and it was 14,500. Did them again exactly 48 hours later and they were at 22,500. They had increased but not doubled and he doesnt think its good news :o( Just wondering if anybody out there has gone through anything like this? So upset
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
mine never doubled, as long as they are increasing I was told it was ok yours are well within range [url:3uovjwxg]http://www.americanpregnancy.org/duringpregnancy/hcglevels.html[/url:3uovjwxg] best of luck
Luka Posts: 1904
mine went from 18000 to 32000 in 48 hours, they said it was "roughly doubling", so that was good! I have a little boy now. ON my Misc it was 1600 & 2 days after it was 1600. So as your's is on the up thats good. your numbers are high, which is a good sign.
sugarsweet2000ie Posts: 345
Sending you big hugs significantother :lvs I don't have any knowledge of hcg levels - I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and I haven't had a blood test to see what my levels are. I have had two episodes of very light spotting since I found out I was pregnant. I'm so scared now of what my levels must be at?! Are there any physical signs that your hcg levels are dropping/ rising?! Xx
ohsotired Posts: 7071
sugarsweet2000ie please don't start worrying about your hcg levels - most people aren't aware of what there's are unless they are tested for some reason. Please try to relax and enjoy your Christmas!!
Waiting24 Posts: 355
"Doubling" is a loose term- once they are going up and the spotting is light it counds like your little bean is a sticky one!! Good luck!!
sugarsweet2000ie Posts: 345
Thank you for the reassurance Ohsotired.. I just get so worried when I don't know what is going on inside my body! I get so frightened.. :o( Just need to be more positive, I guess :lvs
significantother Posts: 123
Thanks for your reassuring replies girls. Much appreciated. We are playing a very hard waiting game at the moment. Getting third set of bloods done tomorrow and going to get scanned again before end of week. Please God we will keep our little bean x
jen2 Posts: 3106
Fingers crossed for you....
theoracle Posts: 7664
As others have suggested, the doubling is a rough term and mostly refers to the early stages of pregnancy - I think this thread might help: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=305887&p=3298506&hilit=million#p3298506 Also if it helps, when I had a m/c in May, at 5+ weeks I had a hcg level of 92. Yours sound superb.