Hd brows and Semi permanent lashes.

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Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Are they worth it? (I posted in beauty the other day but no replies) I was thinking of getting these done for the wedding but not sure anymore. I asked my MUA and she gave a bit of advice. She didn't know anything about hd brows she said she has been meaning to check on them but just hasn't got around to it do couldn't comment. This seems the usual there is very little real life reviews on them. With the eyelashes she said that if eyeshadow falls in them they get very dull looking. For brides she uses the strips or individuals as they are only temporary but my cousins eyelash fell off half way through dinner and I don't want that to happen to me. If you get semi permanent eyelashes what kind do you use. I am between hollywood, mink or novalash. So any advice?
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
Go for the HD they are unreal! I'm getting it done for second time next week for hen! And then again for wedding! Love em! People are just hearing about them now really! My brows looked fab with them, they gave them great definition. I had make up trial with em and my MUA loved them. No advice on lashes.
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Thanks Kitty cat. I might get them done for the hen and then just a tidy with the same beautician before the wedding (1 months and very slow hair growth)
highbeam Posts: 2578
A friend of mine gets the hd brows done and loves them. I'm not sure about them tho while hers look great shes a brunette and I'm a bottle blonde so I don't know if they are as good for blondes. I'm worried they will come out very dark. Or is this silly? Just a few pics I have seen of blondes I don't think they look as good. I am going for individual lashes. Thinking of trying out the hollywood lashes, maybe for the hen. I definitely don't want a strip of lashes.
missymoomooo Posts: 639
Can anyone explain what the HD brow is, like what do they do, is it just grooming and then filling in with pencil? How long does it last?
thepetals Posts: 532
Dying to get them done as soon as I can find the time... Saw them on expose months and months back and turns out the girl doing them was from a salon in galway so i have no excuse really not to go... heres a video of them being done on expose http://www.tv3.ie/videos.php?video=39283 ps - not related or working with the salon - just thought it was a good explanation of them and how they work... In regards to eyelashes - I got them done about 2 weeks before wedding - they were meant to last 3 months - looked good and did last for awhile (not sure about 3 months though) in hindsight i would have gone for a fuller look as I did request natural and whats the point in paying for natural :yelrotflmaosmilie:
eefc Posts: 1201
When I get my brows waxed and tinted ( I get the darkest brown tint as I have dark hair but naturally fair with blonde eyebrows) I just do my own version of HD brows using essence brow set (€1.50) and some vaseline. Always get complements on them and even my MUA has said that I should do my own brows the morning of the wedding as I have the shape perfected..... and it only costs me a mear €13.50 all in (€12 for wax and tint) A good angle brush is key! ETA I am getting Demi Wispies strip lashes for my wedding- had them for a trial recently and they looked so natural. Invisible band means they look real! Very excited!
flor Posts: 1621
HD brows is not a whole lot different from a regular brow shape & tint. It involves different methods of shaping the brows (waxing, threading & tweezing) and then tinting both the brow hairs & the gaps between individual hairs i.e. the skin. It lasts for about 2 weeks or so. You pay a bit more for it cos it's a brand & "brow technicians" have been sent on the provided training course, however, if your beautician is already good enough at shaping & tinting, you probably won't recognise a huge difference between the 2. (Though a salon would never tell you that as you pay more for HD cos of the brandname). Have a look here http://www.salongeek.com/skin-geek/1248 ... -tidy.html I had the lashes done about 2 years ago & it was one of the worst beauty experiences of my life. It may be because the girl doing my lashes wasn't very experienced at it. She got up to answer her phone a few times during the treatment, leaned on my eyes when applying them, and then to put the icing on the cake, ended up gluing my flipping eyelids together which really freaked me out (funy in hindsight, but not at all at the time!!!). The end result did look more natural than strips but i think for my wedding i might just go with old fashioned individual fake lashes. with the semi permanent you also have to avoid using oil based makeup or makeup remover as it dissolves the glue causing the lashes to fall out. the also start to look a bit funny when they start to fall out so you have to have them professionally removed.
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Thanks guys think I will get the hdbrows done once anyway to just give a really good shape. still unsure about the semi lashes though. Will ask my beautician when Im in with her.
CB2012 Posts: 236
[quote="drummerswife2b":1d4zjn92]Thanks guys think I will get the hdbrows done once anyway to just give a really good shape. still unsure about the semi lashes though. Will ask my beautician when Im in with her.[/quote:1d4zjn92] Hi Drummerswife2b, I got these done recently and they looked great, especially in my engagement shoot. Start doing them as early as possible as I was advised to pencil in some of one eyebrow to ensure I had the right shape for the next session. When I got home OH laughed as I looked ridiculous with one eyebrow bigger than the other. I fixed them myself and will get a normal tint for the wedding as I don't have enough time to grow them. I'll definitely go back after the wedding as I loved them. :wv