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Charmed 2 Posts: 56
Just looking for a little advice am dying with a head cold and I'm afraid to take anything, going to the doc at 2 this afternoon. Just wondering if anyone has a wonder cure thats safe to take while pregnant.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
The doc will give you the best advice this afternoon. But I felt a cold coming on and I drank hot freshly sqeezed orange juice with honey, gargled with luke-warm water and salt (for sore throat) and took limited amounts of paracetomol (one tablet at a time rather than two), which is perfectly fine. Don't take aspirin though... And of course you've got a great excuse for a lazy weekend in bed!
grumpy Posts: 1280
Paracetamol are completely fine, but if you want to stay away from them completely, how about the orange juice and the auld honey and lemon remedy? And of course, plenty of rest!
Charmed 2 Posts: 56
Thanks black cat will try the orange juice just trying to get to lunch time so I can head away from work. just feel so miserable am def spendign the weekend in bed!!!1
Ducky Posts: 2506
Sorry, after two weeks of sniffing, blowing, snorting, snoring, coughing and generally wanting to cut my head off, I can tell you that nothing really helps but time and your bed! The lemon in hot water was nice and am addicted to oranges anyway so no shortage of vit C but really the rest, sleep and hot showers are the best remedy. I will never take Nurofen cold and flu for granted again...
Charmed 2 Posts: 56
Thanks for the advise girls its amazing how much the hot OJ and honey made me feel better. Had lost of rest at the weekend and don;t feel too bad now. Part of it is the fact you are not allowed to take anything just makes you feel worse but its all in the best interest of the little mite thats what it wll be all about from now on!!!
over the moon Posts: 676
Hi Charmed, I have a chest infection and head cold and went to my doc this morning. I on a course of Augmentin Duo for chest and she advised me to get Otrivine from the chemist too for my head cold. It's a nasal spray only €4.99 & you can buy it over the counter, going to start taking it tonight so hope it works. Have been drinking hot water with honey and lemon and has helped but wasn't clearing my head cold. Think it's just the time of year for head cold and infections OTM x [url=http://www.snugglepie.com:1vq04r6p][img:1vq04r6p]http://www.snugglepie.com/ezb/682543.png[/img:1vq04r6p][/url:1vq04r6p]