Head Engaged? How do you know?

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TheBigDay Posts: 651
Hello everyone, At my last doctors appt. he told me that the baby is lying horizontally, that was last week. As you can see I am fast approaching my due date and I am getting worried that the babies head is not engaged yet and the baby is not in the right position. Is there any way that you can tell yourself whether it is engaged or not? My bump still seems to be very high. I am going back to my doctor on Thursday. I had a serious amount of Braxton Hicks today, more than ever before. Every little ache and pain I am wondering if this is it!!! Any advice???
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
All I know with me is the pressure pains,ive had for weeks now they are horrid and one thing I wont miss I can tell you! I even asked the doctor if the head was big as they reduced me to tears last week and were so frequent I thought I was having contractions :-8 :-8 I think ive dropped only a little though and am still quite high,my bump is huge though... Think they can only tell other than that what way baby is lying,he should have suggested something maybe to get baby to move for you?do you get alot of pressure pains at all?
NewGirl Posts: 1143
At my apt last wk I was told the head was in position and wasn't likely to move, can feel pressure low down but bump is still high, just wondering how much pressure I'll be feeling when bump drops :eek
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I don't think you'll know from how you feel whether the head is engaged or not as everyone is feeling pressure at that stage. Your midwife or doctor should be able to tell by checking your bump how far engaged the head is. Don't worry about it anyway, my DD only partially engaged, but she still arrived safely (with a little help from forceps and vacuum) and I'm still alive to tell the tale :o0
doris Posts: 63
I was told the head was engaged last week but I've had no symptoms at all! I feel no pressure or anything! I'm due in a week