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Doc Posts: 159
My situation isn't the same but our top table will have two people who don't speak to each other at all. We've decided we're going to talk to each of the parties before hand and ask them what they feel comfortable with, I think one of them may decide not to be at the top table and will sit with their new partner. Once we agree with them before the day then they can't complain on the day of the wedding. Have you considererd not having a top table? I've been at weddings where only the bride, groom, groomsmen & bridesmaid sat together at the top table. This might work better for you. In case you haven't thought of this you need to discuss with your H2B which photographs he wants taken e.g. one with his Aunt & Uncle only etc It's better to have the list agreed and given to the photographer than trying to decide on the day. Good luck with it.
Twinkle Posts: 174
Hi Babyboo, what we decided to do is just have the best man, groomsmen, bride, groom, and all the bridesmaids at the top table and then put the families at other tables in front of the top table (hope u understand). So in your case you could have his aunt & uncle at a table either with your parents or some other close family members and position their table directly in front of the top table and then put his father and wife with other family members (eg their children) at a table which would be to one side but still near the top table. Hope this makes sense.
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
I think Twinkles idea is a good suggestion. Two small tables infront of or to the side of the top table should keep everyone happy (but at the end of the day once your happy try not to please everyone else so much), your day your way. Try to relax a bit and not let it get to you too much. (i know easier said then done) Sorry if this doesn't help Fi
Maysin Posts: 77
God Babyboo, It's a tricky situation and i don't envy you in it! I too think Twinkle's idea is the best so far. One question - what are you going to do about the speeches as usually both fathers say something? - it really is an awkward situation. Don't have any constructive advice to offer but just wanted to wish you good luck and hope it all works out for the best. Sinéad
Twinkle Posts: 174
and you'll also need to think about where in the church they will sit........will his father expect so sit in the front row with his new wife and family or will it be his aunt and uncle that will sit there? Families cause such a lot of hassle don't they?
Twinkle Posts: 174
Hi Babyboo, just wondered how you got on talking to H2B aunt & father? Hope everything turned out ok for you both. Twinkle
tp Posts: 27
What a nightmare. I was at a wedding last Summer where the Bride had 5 bridemaids and so the groom had 5 guys standing with him but not all 10 of them sat at the top table. If you only asked the Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man to sit at the top table and then have another table reserved for the rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen (Front and centre of the reception as a place of honour). Everyone, I am sure, will understand that it is purely for numbers you are doing it........Good luck <a href=""><img src="" alt="Daisypath Ticker" border="0" /></a>
Sin Posts: 49
I think TP's idea will work really well....I saw it done at two wedings recently were all the Bm's & Grooms men sat at the table directly in front of the top table. To make it special for them, each 'Bm/Gm couple' were introduced into the room when the rest of the guests were sitted. Only the chief Bm & best man sat at the top table. It worked really well. Good Luck :!: Sin
Yellow Posts: 35
it's an awful nuisance all this protocol. My mother would be old school so the priest has to sit at the top table, the only problem is that there is absolutely no room at the top table for him, so we're putting him with rels he's met before. My mother has decided to give her seat at the top table to the priest! My poor father, he keeps telling me just not to respond! Her other thing is that she won't use the wedding car with the 2 bm, she's getting a taxi to the church! At this stage I've told her that's fine, she can make her own way there. Also at this stage I'm really trying to let it in one ear & out the other as people you invite to YOUR wedding have an obligation to just get on with it
SuziApr05 Posts: 34
Hi babyboo, i know you posted ages ago but I've been away from the forum for a while. It may not suit the type of reception you have planned but my h2b and I are having a buffet style meal with no formal seating plan, people will just mingle and sit wherever they certainly does away with the whole hassle of seating plans etc.