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Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I think it really depends on the hospital you are attending - it was a massive decision for us - we have healthcare but still would have had to put 1.5k towards cost and we couldn't justify it. But I hate the public system, seeing a different doctor every time, queuing for ages - I just hate it - I wasn't seen until I was 17 weeks pregnant and i had had 3m/cs previously - in saying that we just paid for our own private scans for piece of mind. I haven't had a scan with the hospital since that first one (i'm nearly 33weeks now) - I was talking to a mam to be who is attending ballinasloe as a public patient and she has had 4 - so it does depend on the hospital. The only downside of private is there is no guarantee you will get private room - that would sicken me and there is no guarantee that your consultant will attend birth - its hard one to call.
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
this is my first babs and am going private also have health insurance but not covering much of it. so my hubby was against it straight away but after chatting to a few friends who they all said go private. so we did, see the same consultant all the time, get scan and pictures at every visit, and 4d scan is included. early on saw consultant every 6 weeks, then 4 weeks and at mo every 2 weeks and my own doctor in between these visits. now i have been waiting anything up to 2 hrs as my consultant was called to ladies who were in labour which is fair enough. im in and out in each visit fairly quickly. the babs is measured at each visit a good bit which i like as if anything was up it would be spotted earlier as i get alot more scans. having said all of this im wary of a private room not been available and if this is the case i will just crack up. so i will see how it goes. its alot of money and alot of peopple who are in the public system have no complaints and the same goes for private. i will see the next time around though which i will go for. depending on how good/bad it is this time...
Wife09 Posts: 873
Every hospital seems to be different first of all, but I can only tell you about Coombe so if your not interested in Coombe dont read on and talk to someone who was been to your hospital .Anyway in my opinion Semi private for coombe I just wouldnt bother, you dont see the consultant everytime,if ever,the semi private wards are either 4or5 beds and public are 6 beds to a ward so I dont see the point there. So as far as I see the choice for coombe is private or public. I dont know what straight forward public is like and I always intended to go private but I started out public as I had problems from the start as the doc told me just to start out public. First time I was in at the EPAU and they were give me a cert for 2 weeks, I asked her just to be general and put down pregnancy problems and she said no, she could only put down gynae problems as I was only 5 weeks pregnant and that wasnt properly pregnany in her opinion!!! Then few days later I was in aande with emergancy, waited 6 hours and the doctor was telling me Id probably loose the baby, while I was in tears and in pain and she was giving me and internal exam and on her mobile phone at the same time!!!!!!!! Now I know if theres an emergancy theres an emergnacy and if your private consultants is not there your only choice is a&e. When I was initially public I was admitted over night and next morning Id a scan that went well and they wanted to see if the sac was growing and to come back 2 weeks and put on bed rest. I was to go back to bed and wait to be discharged. A midwife came into me and said I would be brought down to surgery and the anesathis would be here soon, I was like no, the doc said they are giving me a chance, and she was like sorry now but your baby is gone and we have to remove what is left and I kept on no thats not what I was told. DH pleded with her to re check, so she listened to him and came back oh sorry the doctor will be up to discharge you soon, bed rest for 2 weeks and see how your go!!!!!!!!! Very scary!! Now I will say most of them are brilliant and really lovely and Im sure there are plenty of private consultants who are not nice either so it depends who you get. But get a reccomendation for a private consultant if you want to go private. Now for private, dont pick any consultant, get advise on who, my consultant always scans me,while Ive had problems seen me every week or every 2 weeks but if normal it would be every 4 weeks then every 2 towards the end. I also get 2 4d scans , its not for everyone I know but for me it was very reassuring that there is a baby there and its 2 hands and 2 legs etc.......Also I was told that there is no shortage of private rooms these days as people arent going private as much!! With regard to delivering my baby, he delivers more than 90% of his patients babys, he did my sis and my sil. If he is on hols, he is in a group of 4 private consultants and one of these private consultants come in for him. Now I have had to attend aanee twice as for 2 emergnacies he wasnt there and they see Im private and the jump and do everything for you, I was treated as one should be treated by the public staff.
MrsFitz Posts: 162
Girls Thanks for all your input. Im defo going private - waiting on my gp to ring me back with recommendations I hear Louise Kenny is excellent - so ill mention her to my gp and take it from there The thing is we were going to go on hols in early june for 10 days and we would have easily spent 2,500 so we will forfeit the hol and spend the money on going private especially for our first I get easily stressed out anyway and would be nervous about the pregnancy so regular scans etc and good one-to-one relationship with a gynae would put my mind at ease Here's hoping i can get a private gynae now - in Cork it is supposed to be quite difficult
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
MrsFitz you can book your own consultant. thats what i did. the number is 4941392 the lady will have a list of gynes and she will be bale to give you an appointment with who ever you want. and give you a price. mrsb09 where are you going private? is it cork? i dont think my gyne has the 4d scans. :-8
MrsFitz Posts: 162
Thanks happy mammie Just wondering are all gynaes the same price and who did you go with Was there any that werent available as they were heavily booked out Thanks for the help
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
MrsFitz i did ask for Dr Green but he wasent taking on any new patients. Im going with Dr Matt Hewitt. but she caled out a few names so i had a choice. I picked Dr Matt Hewitt cos he could give me the first appointment. which is monday so i can let you know how i get on with him. i think he is one of the cheapest €3000. they go up from there. i will pay €1500 on monday and then the other €1500 on the 3rd visit i think. You should have no problem getting a gyne.
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
im going private in portlaoise and i think its the same in every hospital all of the consultants vary in prices, presuming the older ones are most expensive as they have more experience. was just chatting to a someone today and her niece is now at week 20 and still no scan in public system. i was saying she should go ahead and book a private one, just to check that all is ok...thats a pain waiting that long..
Terri1 Posts: 1158
i went public in the Coombe and i have to say it was fantastic. I saw the same cons all the way through except when he was dealing with an emergency. He was very nice and had all the time in the world for me...BUT never felt i had a personal relationship with him as i hear other people get with their cons. I had a few problems and was scanned every week for the last 12 weeks...when I went into labour, my cons was there (by accident) and went through what would happen. The midwives were absolutely brilliant and i never felt that because I was public I was been treated any differently. I will definitely go public again
survivor Posts: 2507
I'm a public patient in the CUMH and so far I've had a scan at every visit. The dating scan is at 12 weeks and its a detailed scan. I had a very detailed scan at 20 weeks with the SCOPE team. Then quick scans at all the other hops visits. I've also been brought in for an extra visit to check me out for diabetes and beacuse I'm rh negative. The wait is a pain but its definitely the only bad side. My baby is happy and healthy and I'm saviing myself €3500 (I got 3 quotes from consultants and they were all the same). I've had friends who were private in the CUMH and did not get a private room. In fact if a public patient is in the queue on the day in front of you and no other bed is available then she'll get the private room and you'll have to wait until whatever bed comes free next. The CUMH had 9000 births last year so its definitley a lottery whether ou'll get a private room or not. Lastly I've a friend having twins at the moment. She's had 2 previous miscarriages so she is getting extra special care and is getting a good scan every two weeks. She is a public patient. If there is a complication with your pregnancy you will get just as good care as a public patient as a private patient.