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totalnovice Posts: 787
Know you have prob decided but just wanted to say I went public on my DS in CUMH and am going public again, I found the service excellent. I also had a mc last year and again found CUMH brilliant. Had an early scan at 8 weeks as I had a slight bleed, then 12 week detailed scan and then quick scan at all appointments. I actually saw Matt Hewitt at all my appointments. When I did have my DS the consultant on that night was lovely and came down and broke my waters and also delivered DS. I was also in a 2 bed room which was perfect. All in all couldnt fault going public but if you have any questions just let me know.
annmarie00 Posts: 24
It really is a personal choice. From my perspective I was in CUMH and went public. At the start of my pg I thought i would go private but researched it and decided to try public our first time round. I'm just after giving birth recently my baby is 3 weeks old and I have to say i would def go public again. The level of service in public is brilliant. There was only 1 other person in my room. I had no complications in my pg but if I did I feel the level of care would have being the same. The consultant I had was on the private list the doctor gave me at the start of my pg. She would have been €3,500. Granted public every time you go to the hospital you will see a different doctor, this did not bother me at all. however might bother others. I never actually met my consultant. Only had mid wife in delivery room then again I went in to labour very quick, was only in hospital an hour before my daughter was born. Other down side in public for some is the waiting period with appointments prob be up there for 1- 2 hours per appointment. Waiting first to see mid-wife then for doctor. My work was flexible so i didnt mid this wait.
MrsFitz Posts: 162
Well we have finally decided and gone private Ive made an appointment with Matt Hewitt for my first scan - 29th March, ill be 13 weeks Counting down the days until then - - fingers and toes crossed ! Thanks for all the replies
roxylady Posts: 69
Hi Mrsfitz I too am in Cork, and decided after much deliberation to go Private. I must admit it has been fantastic so far. My appointments usually only take approx 45 min to an hour and you can ask as many questions to the midwife that you see first and also to your consultant. I would definately recommend it, and have no regrets. You cannot go semi private, its either public or private in Cork. I would recommend that you call the CUMH asap as I know when I called most of the consultants were booked out and some of them only take their previous clients. Best of luck with everything ;)
dandeloin Posts: 376
Hi All, I'm a long-time "lurker" on the TTC forum, & at last I can post in the P&B section O:o) The forums have been such great help on the TTC journey and now our next journey is just beginning... I had my pregnancy (my 1st) confirmed yesterday - I'm just 6 weeks gone. So now, i have so many questions that i hope you guys could please help me out with... So, at the doctors visit yesterday I asked for some advice on whether he would recommend going private or public. GP said he presumed that I would go private (I have VHI Company Plan Extra Excess cover). But its so hard to know what to do. I will be attending South Tipp General hospital in Clonmel, and my GP recommended a particular consultant to me. Amyway, rang hospital today to check the cons. fees and they will be €2800. Does anyone have any advice that they could offer as to which way I should go??? The general concensus (sp??) seems to be private is not worth the huge costs vs going public??? (don't know if I worded that correctly, but hope ukwim). So, I know the qu. has been asked a million times, but I wonder does anyone have any experience of attending the hospital in Clonmel (in particular) that they could share with me? Say (God forbid) that something should happen that would mean I'd need more appointments with the cons. if I went private, would they all be included in the fee of €2800? Also, can dh's attend the scans if you go private? Sorry for all of the questions - its such a big/expensive decion to make and when i'm so early into the pregnancy I find the thoughts of discussing this with my friends/family difficult - myself and dh want to keep our little secret to ourseves for a while yet :o)ll Have to get back to my GP asap to let him know what I have decided so that he can send the paperwork to the hospital for me... Ok, that turned out to be a longer post that i had inteded. Thanks a mill for reading :thnk Would appreciate any advise that anyone could offer D xx
buttercup83 Posts: 162
Mrs Fitz, Its my first bay and initially I couldn;t get a consultant oin Cork and entered the public system. The first visit was awful, waited two and half hours and it was noisy and crapped. You got assessed in a room with 6 other women all being assessed. Eventually I got a consultant and I have been seeing Matt Hewitt for most of my pregnancy. He seems nice enough and appointments don't feel rushed. You get scanned each time and DH is allowed in. I have had one or two issues in the last few weeks (38wks at the mo) and he has been seeing me weekly since 34 weeks. I'm not sure my problem would have been picked up in CUMH as scans are not guaranteed. I think you made a good decision. O:o) Dandelion, I have been attending CUMH and don't have experience of Clonmel but I would say that if you are going private the DH is allowed in, afterall, he is probaby footing half the bill. :o0 :o0 :o0 Its only fair. I think the money is worth it for peace of mind and the comfort of meeting the same person, getting the scans and feeling that the doc has a good idea about you and your history in case anything goes wrong....and its not some guy picking up your file nad skimming through. Thats my opinion. Good luck
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
Mrs Fitz i had my appointment with MAtt Hewitt on monday he is a lovely man. the midwife / nurse i meet was also very nice. i dident feel rushed at all. The only thing is i got no pic of baby cos baby was lying funny. so i hope i can get one at my next appointment. but we got to hear the babys heart beat which was great. good luck with your appointment. o i was only waiting an hour in total. and his waiting room is very comfortable
MrsFitz Posts: 162
Happy Mammie how many weeks pregnant are you at this stage Ill be 13 weeks for my first appointment, must go back to my gp at 10 weeks for a checkup and am thinking i might try and get him to get me an early pregnancy scan in cumh. I was on clomid for 2 cycles and obviously this increases the chance of multiple births. I wasnt monitored when i was on clomid so there was no checking of how many eggs were released etc Also i dont have any major syptoms at the moment - whether thats a good or bad thing I'm not sure So my thinking that an early scan might put my mind at ease
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
I was 12 weeks 2 days at my scan. i was dreading my scan cos i also dont have any symptoms. but thank god all is well. we are just lucky i suppose. Im not sure if your doc will send you for an early scan but no harm in asking him. How many weeks are you now? Cant believe you weren monitered imagine multiple birth :lvs.
MrsFitz Posts: 162
Im 6 weeks 4 days - its still very early days, i just wish i could fast forward to 12 weeks I know i cant believe i wasnt monitered either - was watching Baby Tales this morning on Discovery Health and there was a woman giving birth to twins - if freaked me out a bit to say the least. When did you start to show a little bump