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jmeath Posts: 5740
Oh girls.....someone help please! Ive been suffering with headaches (and some dizzyness) for about 3 weeks maybe even 4. I went the doc two weeks ago and she ave me 2 days off work and put me on iron supplement (the liquid one you mix with juice)......after the couple of days off i wasnt too bad, im on a 3 day week at the moment so i had a good rest from the Wed - Tue.... My baby sister was born Sun midnight/Mon morning and i went to visit her mon afternoon adn the heat in the ward was unreal...i felt so sick, my hearing went all funny and the room was spining...i could see little white lights! I wobbled out of the watrd, my nana said the nurse ran behind me...i was that dizzy i didnt notice! Then i got to the coridoor and pucked .....then i was fine...once i was out of the heat int eh ward i felt much better. The same happend when by other sister was born last year (but i wasnt pregnant then) and i made it to the nurses room to the fresh air before i got sick....im here in work and the heat is killing me. Ive 2 fans going and my head is thumping....i really dunno what i can do. Im drinking plenty of water. Ive drank 1 1/2 litres already today. The headaches are really starting to bother me now.
MonkeySocks Posts: 1185
Hi jmeath, I am exactly the same as you! I was at a conference yesterday and I had to leave after an hour as I couldn't stand the heat in the room (don't tell my boss) and sat in the bar in the hotel for over an hour before I felt safe to head home drinking loads of water! I am averaging about 3 litres of water a day when I am in work, and more when I get home. And when I don't have the pounding headache I have a really dull one that I just can't shift. I used to drink lots of water before I became pregnant so I am wondering if that is why I need so much now? I am going to mention it to the doc when I see her next week!! Hope you are cooling down slightly now though!
short n sweet Posts: 1802
jmeath I got crippling headaches at around your stage and went to GP as it was affecting my work - he said that I could take Panadol no problem and it wouldn't effect the baby - I felt guilty taking them but I couldn't handle the headaches anymore and after 3/4 weeks they just stopped. ETA - I tried water too & walking in fresh air but to no avail! Hope you feel better soon :wv
jmeath Posts: 5740
Thanks girls... sorry to hear you are also suffering/have also suffered the headaches.... its nice to know im not alone. My ehad was throbbing for a good 45mins today and i was ready to cry. I realised its gets really bad when ive been say sitting at my desk with the fan blowing beside me then i walk to the printer where its jsut dead heat then i want to pass out...so i just stayed at my desk and didnt move until the headache shifted. Im really starting to think it might affect my work....ive tried panadol and paracetamol but TBH they dont do a dime for me.... i went to Smyths after work to check out the sale and i was grand, got a buggy demo and i picked up a little soft doll for my new baby sister and when i go to the counter (beside the door) i felt to dizzy and back came the headache. Ive noticed that it seems to be when im in dead heat or half me is cool (i.e with the fan) and ahlf me is warm....in hospital at 21w weeks so going to mention it as my doc just said last time "oh you prob need iron" but it aint helping... i hope it doesnt last long... .im wearing my glasses in the house too to stop headaches (im only meant to wear them for the computer) but ive found my eyes feel alot more strained watching TV and that....preganancy isnt an easy ride but my god it will all be worth it after the 40 weeks (hopefully not 42)!!!!
short n sweet Posts: 1802
jmeath thats interesting you mention your glasses - I wear them for reading too and deffo felt eye strain at the time - apparently your eyesight can worsen when you pregnant and return to normal afterwards so maybe get your eyes tested just in case?
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Hi jmeath. Have had a number of almost fainting spells which were directly to do with being too hot/being in places with no air. Walking through Debenhams, waiting in queues, in hospitals, at one of my scans, lying flat, lying at a 45 degree angle... Now the minute I get into a place I take off any unnecessary layers. I also dont leave more than two or three hours without having something small to eat/drink, water doesnt cut it. Seems to do it for me. (Obviously drinking lots of water is important for different reasons, but it didnt halp me with the almost fainting thing). Had some headaches in the early days and taking panadol helped.